Masters of elemental powers thanks to lifelong study, Wizards combine the elements to create breathtakingly powerful spells. Driven by their thirst for knowledge and the importance of their mission, they tirelessly study ways to overcome obstacles.

Wizards have sacrificed their physical development for their studies. Fragile and feeble in health, they make up for their frailty by offering the highest potential for damage and a mysterious array of utility spells, such as detecting enemy weaknesses. Underestimating a Wizard is usually fatal!

Incredible destructive energies


Weapon: Wand

Primary Attribute: Intellect

Base HP: 0 | Base MP: 1 | Base Mana: 96

Level One


Aganazzar's Scorcher

AP: 5 | Mana: 24 | CD: 1 | Range: 6x3

All creatures in the target area take 2d10+Int damage, or half on a successful Dexterity Saving Throw.


Tenser's Floating Disc

AP: 5 | Mana: 20 | CD: 24h | Range: 6

Creates a floating, controllable disc, lasting for one hour, that can bear up to 1000 kilograms of matter.


Dark Ray

AP: 5 | Mana: 16 | CD: 1 | Range: 6x1

Emits a beam of dark energy that passes through all targets in range, dealing 3d6+Int damage, halving with each additional target passed through.

Level Two



AP: 6 | Mana: 32 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Pulses arcane energy around you, dealing 2d12+Int to any three targets of your choice within range. Only one instance of damage per target.


Blast Wave

AP: 6 | Mana: 32 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Melts a target for 3d10+Int damage, halving its AP and MP for its next Turn.


Arcane Lore

AP: 4 | Mana: 22 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Attempts to recall a piece of lore you have studied, granting Advantage on a check to gain information about any magical item, creature, spell, ritual or effect you have heard of or encountered (including those you have seen used by enemies).

Level Three



AP: 4 | Mana: 30 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Makes one target Invisible until the start of its Turn. Invisibility is broken if it takes any Actions.


Siphon Life

AP: 6 | Mana: 43 | CD: N/A | Range: 6

Drains 2d8+Int HP from a friendly target within range, then blasts an enemy for triple the amount drained. Cannot miss.


Evard's Black Tentacles

AP: 6 | Mana: 16 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Rubbery black tentacles fill a 3x3 area of your choice. All targets within take 1d8+Int damage, and their MP is halved. Lasts one Turn.

Level Four



AP: 1 | Mana: 10 | CD: 1 | Range: 2

Shimmers out of existence, reappearing in a position of your choice within range. Can pass through solid objects.


Elemental Overload

AP: 2 | Mana: 2 | CD: 0 | Range: 6

Blasts a target for 1d4+Int damage. Cannot miss. Doubles in Mana cost and adds 1d4 damage each time you cast.


Chain Lightning

AP: 6 | Mana: 60 | CD: 0 | Range: 6

Deadly lightning erupts, dealing 6d4+Int damage to a target, then arcing to all enemies. Requires line of sight to arc but ignores range limitations.

Level Five