Acanthus. Mayoress of Farth at the time of the first party’s escape from Ruin Rock. Witness to the demise of Gillman, and the rise of the Lanthrel Conspiracy.

Adari Sevel. High Bibliognost of the Imperial Library in Celsus City.

Addoran Vask. Minor Razortooth thug. Slain in the West Zal Church by Ralgor, who was under the influence of Nightshade’s Psychedelic Trip.

Alicia Spindell. Apprentice to Quartermaster Wendt of the Heralds Guild in Wayfalls. Alicia left home to make a name for herself, after being coddled to excess by her worried mother.

Alys. The absent-minded yet talented wizard in charge of Berton Vere’s Mages Guild.

Aron Nogg. Blacksmith and black market trader in Wayfalls. A minor member of Clan Pi’ersym.

Athas Ekell. 21st Earl of Lanthrel.

Ath’lekos Lux. Commander of Razortooth forces in the West Zal church. Slain by the third party.

Atrix Rove. A shadowy crime lord based in Caer Celador. Attempts to capture him resulted in the complete lockdown of the city and the imposition of martial law.


Blackstrand. A female gnome of daunting ability, she has almost singlehandedly held back attacks on the Arid Spire for decades. Head of the Mages Guild in the desert town.

Becka Torrin. Wife of Lord Elkas Torrin of Wayfalls.

Bethyl. An elderly human alchemist in Wayfalls. Fond of Sylas.

Bertram. Master Wizard of the Rath City Mages Guild. Sometimes gets in trouble for his tendencies.



Dashel. Heavily armed bodyguard to Scarface Spence.

Den. Gnome jewelsmith in Wayfalls.

Devon. A middle-aged innkeeper in Farth.

Dinku. Vendor of pickles, lover of men. Owner of a general goods store in Lanthrel.


Edmund Clipsalt. A Mayor who oversaw Berton Vere’s rise to prosperity.

Elin the Easy. Innkeeper of Fit For A Lord in Berton Vere. Ex-partner of Geoffrey Rancent.

Elkas Torrin. Guildmaster of the Heralds in Wayfalls, founder of the Torrin Rock Academy and owner of Torrin Isle. A man of power and prestige in Wayfalls.

Elwin Bussell. Councilman of Farwater and advisor to the Duke.


Ferlaith the Grand. A dead wizard whose tomb was broken into by the first party. They were haunted for a while by his spectre.

Francis “Wobbler” Wendt. Quartermaster of the Heralds Guild, Wayfalls. A jocular, overweight man with a sad past. The Heralds Guild has largely shielded him from the bullying he has experienced throughout his life for his eating habits. As a result, he feels he owes undying loyalty to the guild.


Gandis. A wizard caught between a rock and a hard place by Atrix Rove. Partner of Walher. Deceased.

Geoffry Rancent. Skilled chef and obese proprietor of the Anchor & Sail on Berton Vere’s docks. Rancent was unfaithful to Elin the Easy during their marriage, and there has been bitterness between them ever since.

George Welkin. Self-centred and arrogant, this former Heralds Guild member helped the third party engineer an escape from Torrin Point Academy. Served two years in prison for selling guild equipment on the black market.

Gillman. Once was a priest of Shendrac, before he exploded into a million gory pieces.

Grinning Sam. One of several goliaths employed by the Razortooth Raiders. Enjoys crushing people, animals and buildings.


Hallan. Personal guard to Duke Athas Ekell, sent to lead the first party into a trap.


Illias Chaucey. An arrogant young noble from Lanthrel who fritters away the gold from his estates.

In’dral Radburn. A war hero once famed throughout the Empire for his loyalty, who died in mysterious circumstances during the Lanthrel Conspiracy.


Jessop. Head of the Farwater chapter of the Rampant Lions.

John Callahan. Taskmaster of the Heralds Guild, Wayfalls branch.

Josefyr Pye. Owner of the Intelligent Blossom, Farwater.


Kara Veldiss. Commander of Torrin Rock Academy. Briefly jailed the third party then had them released. The party were able to steal from her office vital information on their spurious convictions.

Khalil. A spy posing as a slave who travelled for a short time with the second party before disappearing. Wanted by Fletcher – amongst many others. Also known as Tanith.

Khunda-Khunda. A giant ogre. Personal assistant to Blackstrand.

Klaska. A spellcaster employed by the Razortooth to guard Indium shipments. Deceased.


Lenwende. Shy and socially awkward, this elf manages alchemy and scrolls in Berton Vere’s Mages Guild.

Luven. An Ald-wolf. Last seen alive during the Siege of Rath, following the Lanthrel Conspiracy.


Mago. A desert tribesman who was struck on the head by the second party, suffering a serious brain injury. Despite their differences, Fletcher took responsibility for Mago’s rehabilitation and care.

Mavis. Devon’s daughter. Works the tavern in Farth.

Michael Fernkeep. Imperial Justice who presided over the second party’s trial for drugs offences.

Musa Khan. Feared leader of a Khollukhand desert slaving gang that kidnapped the second party.


Noah Weldon. Tavern owner, the Dwarven Pint, Farwater.


Orrin. A thug employed by the Razortooth to guard Indium shipments. Deceased.


Peter Benton. Proprietor of the local armor emporium in Lanthrel, and owner of a second branch in Fortsworn, which he runs with the help of his daughters.



Ralgor. Minor Razortooth thug, slain by the third party in the West Zal Church.

Reichelaia Gardell. Privileged daughter of Sarahlee Gardell, a rich merchant. Involved in getting the second party mixed up in a drugs transaction and subsequent trial.

Rosalyn. A buxom waitress in Lanthrel’s Swordsman’s Shack.


Sara Callahan. Daughter of John, and friend to her pet doll Alice.

Sarahlee Gardell. A merchant of power and influence with holdings in Farwater.

Sasha Nevah. A high-ranking member of the Imperial Inquisition.

“Scarface” Spence. Treasurer of the Razortooth Raiders, and a formidable adversary in the intellectual sense, if not the physical.

Sev. A thug employed by the Razortooth to guard Indium shipments. Deceased.

Sirivistra. Head of the Rampant Lions in the Arid Spire.

Sola Tyn-Var. Adept mage and high-ranked member of the Razortooth. Rumored to be in an affair with Scarface Spence.


Talia Tallsong. A lawyer based out of Farwater, who helped the second party acquit themselves of a drugs crime.

Talmond the Shield. Head of the Lanthrel chapter of the Rampant Lions.

Tanika. A strange straw doll.

Targo. Weaponmaster of the Heralds Guild, Wayfalls.

Thiellan. Head of the Rath City chapter of the Rampant Lions and one of the guild’s highest-ranking officers. Her pet lizard Nigel keeps her company.

Thomcraes. Duke of Farwater. At one time, he was convinced he had a long-lost relative known as Bunt.



Vance Veldiss. Spoiled “Prince” of Torrin Rock. In reality, an insecure and jealous young man who uses his mother as a shield, and whose efforts to interfere with the third party were little more than feeble irritations.

Valdi Horgison. A dwarf lady who loves riding, men, women, riding men and women, and wrestling contests.

Velethuil Liarieth. Half-elfImperial Prosecutor, Farwater. Attempted to prosecute the second party for their involvement in drug transportation, but failed.

Vencia. A Lanthrel merchant who organizes the annual Carnival of Arts.

Vilas Otho. Eighth Baron of Aquarine. A veteran politician who rumors say has grown increasingly racist and xenophobic for reasons unknown.


Walher. Partner of Gandis. Kidnapped by Atrix Rove.

Wasim. A captive of the desert slavers who tried to reveal the second party’s plans for escape in return for more food and water. Executed by the slavers.

Watkin. Owner of the Winking Blade in Farwater.



Yusuf. Second-in-command of Musa Khan’s slaving party.