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1. Steelstar Bridge: the massive and magnificent bridge leading to Wintervale, its origin unknown. Legend has it that the bridge was constructed by arctic dwarves long before the ages of man.

2. Border Bridge: the mild-sounding name hides the fact that this bridge is the only route on this side of the Empire that leads to the village of Ghoulfen Marsh, and just beyond, to the border with the enemy nation of Sha-ral.

3. The Shattered Span: the ancient, ruined bridge that used to connect to the dwarf keep of Vuharis, a floating fortress that used to moor in space at the end of the bridge, but which has not been seen for centuries.

4. The White Arch: the heavily-fortified security checkpoint that welcomes travellers and visitors to Wintervale.

5. Headquarters of the Grey Company

6. Central Headquarters of the Guild of Cartographers: the “central” refers not to importance but to location, this being the centre-most of the three Guild Headquarters of the Cartographers’ Guild (the other two are in Wayfalls and Celsus City). Despite its name, the guild is responsible for more than mapping: they are the official record-keepers, historians and archaeologists of the Empire, and their doors are open to worthy adventurers looking for coin or prestige.

7. Merchants’ District

8. Ducal Gardens: open to all, these gardens were constructed a long time ago for the use of one Duchess of Wintervale who was tired of the cold and snow. The gardens are heated and kept pleasant no matter the weather, by use of special magic. The public may visit them to sit in the flowers and enjoy a little warmth before returning to the cold.

9. Chamber of Commerce: as the Empire looks to expand North in the narrow strip of territory between Sha-ral and the Caran Spellbinders, commerce and logistics are becoming increasingly key, especially to keep the supply lines open to distant towns. Wintervale is at the heart of this expansion and the Chamber of Commerce wields great influence across the city and the north. Many adventurers have learned that there are generous profits to be made in helping this Guild.

10. Wintervale Castle: this enormous fortified and walled city-within-a-city takes up a large proportion of the space in Wintervale. The ancient Castle itself is surrounded by many facilities and smaller buildings that help with the governance of the North.

11. The Black Arch and the Thousand Steps: over a thousand steps lead up on a narrow pathway out of Wintervale to the Border Bridge, for the few people authorized to head north to Ghoulfen Marsh or Sha-ral. The narrow corridor is a natural chokepoint to prevent invasion… except by flight, such as dragons, perhaps. At the bottom lies the barracks of the Black Arch, garrisoned by some of the Empire’s most veteran troops.

12. Poor Quarter: the home of Wintervale’s less fortunate denizens, the Poor Quarter is nonetheless known and appreciated for its friendly, homely and welcoming architecture and ambience compared to the formality in the rest of Wintervale.

13. Nobles’ District: home to the rich and powerful, this area has most of the finest homes in the city and is elevated on a ridge, topped only by the approach to the Castle and Wintervale Castle itself, which lies even higher.

Shops & Services

Nalcarya, Alchemist

Deadly Caran Swamproot: 150g. A purple vial containing a tiny dose of poison. Must be eaten or must break the skin of the target. Once consumed, the victim must succeed at a DC30 Fortitude (Constitution) Saving Throw or take 20d10+15 points of Poison damage

Istveth’s Fog: 90g. A swirling vial of red mist that when thrown, shatters. Anyone within 15 feet who inhales the vapors immediately falls into a deep sleep that lasts 1d6 hours

Royal Jelly Salve: 200g. When consumed, you regenerate 2x Your Level in HP at the start of each turn. Lasts 24 hours

Heartseeker Oil: 145g. When applied to a weapon, grants a 25% chance to ignore Resistance to Physical damage on hit. Lasts 24 hours

Kymon’s Sacred Oil:  122g, when applied to a weapon, grants a 7% chance to deal 300 Fire damage on hit. Lasts 24 hours

Blade-ward Tincture: 55g, must be applied to a piece of armor in a main armor slot (chestpiece, legs, helmet or shield). Grants a 10% chance when you are struck by a Physical attack to reflect the damage taken. Lasts 24 hours

Beast-tamer’s Powder: 29g, when fed to a pet, companion or summon, increases all damage it deals by 25%. Lasts 24 hours

Blessed Ashes: 109g, when consumed, grants a 10% chance that when you Cast a Spell, the Spell Slot will not be expended. Lasts 24 hours

Aetherstorm Powder: 45g. Must be applied to a piece of armor in a main armor slot (chestpiece, legs, helmet or shield). Grants 25% Resistance to Cold and Lightning damage. Lasts 24 hours

Oleron’s Fervor: 85g. When consumed, you enter a violent, uncontrollable rage. All damage you deal is increased by 300%, and all damage you take is increased by 500%. Lasts 24 hours

Potion of Bristly Fur: 158g, temporarily increases your Maximum health by 90 HP. Lasts 24 hours

Riz Twins, Tinkers and Engineers

Glue Bomb: 40g. A clockwork bomb. Pulling the trigger pin releases a powerful glue within 10 feet after 10 seconds. Anyone caught in the glue cannot Move, although may still take Actions, for the next three Turns. Each Turn, the target may attempt to free itself by succeeding at a DC 20 Strength check

Yhuge Repeater: 195g. A crossbow that fires two shots at its target. 1d10+4 Piercing, x2 Critical, Reach (100 ft.)

Arcane Bomb: 60g. A clockwork bomb. Pulling the trigger pin releases an arcane blast within 15 feet after 10 seconds. Only damages Undead, Constructs and buildings/structures, dealing 8d8+8 Arcane damage

Portable Darkness: 233g. A small box containing whirring cogs and a lever. When the lever is flipped, the box emits blackness, causing an area in a 15 foot radius around the box to be plunged into complete darkness.  The darkness acts like normal darkness, so it can be disrupted if a source of light is brought inside the radius, and those with Darkvision/Infravision can see inside it

Filarion Daeneiros, Master Armorer

Greaves of Sanctuary: 206g, +1 AC. Leg armor.  A protective barrier forms around you whenever an enemy manages to find a weak point in your defenses. When you are Stunned, you temporarily gain +6 AC for the duration of the Stun

Alladrah’s Robes of the Phoenix:  438g. When you are hit by a Critical Strike, the blazing feathers of the phoenix swirl around you, encasing you in a protective barrier while incinerating your foe. You gain a barrier of 3x Your Level in Temporary HP, and deal 3x Your Level in Fire damage to the enemy that struck you. May not stack with itself or activate again until the effect has expired

Hammer of Forcewave: 92g. 1d8/1d12 Bludgeoning damage, x2 Critical. Each strike compresses the air, sending out a cone of force 5 feet wide for 10 feet, knocking all in its path Prone unless they succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude (Constitution ) Saving Throw.

Necrotic Edge: 1090g, 2d8+2 Slashing damage, x3 Critical. Allows you to designate an enemy target as a Bonus Action. When you strike a target successfully, 25% of the damage you deal is also transferred to the designated target. Does not work on Undead or Constructs

Leech Wand: 68g, 4d8 Arcane damage. 50% of the damage you deal is restored to your HP

Wozzus and Arengi, Safari Tour Operators

The ONLY Wintervale tour company with a license to operate along the Sha-ral border!

Argevrad Peaks guided tour: 90g per person. Five days, includes food, water and other essentials. Visit the famed Argevrad Peaks all the way up to Sha Rachad and the border with Sha-ral. Your tour guide will try to find rare and wonderful creatures native to the region for you to observe at a safe distance! Creatures commonly seen here include yrthaku, chichimecs, large cats, gargoyles and small wyrms

“Dragon”-spotting guided tour: 200g per person. Nine days, includes food, water and other essentials. Your tour guide will take you up to the very border with Sha-ral itself, until the vast hostile city of Sha Tolan can be seen on the horizon! Although dragons themselves are myth and legend, guests can frequently see their lesser cousins on the tour, such as large wyverns and wyrms of all types. Note: although our guides are experienced in the ways of dragonkin, we cannot guarantee you will see one on your excursion

Nalukkhund Ridge guided tour: 450g per person. Twenty-one days, includes food, water, essentials and official permission to enter the territory of the Caran Spellbinders (subject to approval). Your tour guide will help you keep a safe distance from some of the rarest creatures known to man. See awe-inspiring and beautiful, yet terrifying, creatures such as girallons, ice archons, shulassakar, tojanida and yuan-ti on this trip

Christine Choffard’s Oddities

Rings of Flint & Steel: 30g. A pair of magical copper rings that when held together emit a steady stream of flame, tiny enough to do no damage but enough to ignite anything flammable nearby

Ice Chest: 19g. A treasure chest with a normal exterior that maintains a sub-zero temperature within

Self-Erasing Quill: 36g. Functions as a normal pen. However, when you say the word you have written backwards, it “unwrites” itself and disappears

Forceful Hand Gloves: 9g. When these gloves are worn and activated, a solid copy of your hand is conjured in the exact place and position the glove is currently in. Lasts up to one hour. This can be used to hold things up, prop open a door, leave a middle finger floating in someone’s face, and so on

Instant Incense: 12g each. A stick with a spell of Prestidigitation within. Breaking the stick unleashes the spell, allowing you to enjoy a delightful scent for up to 24 hours. Smells include: luscious cherry, vanilla blossom, spiced apple and cinnamon, sandalwood and jasmine, and honey and chocolate

Food Stamp: 5g each. Tiny magical scrolls that conjure a small meal when used

Bangle of Soothing Winds: 33g. A fashionable bangle that pulls a gentle breeze through itself when activated, providing minor relief from heat for the person the wind is blowing towards

Fork of Greater Poultry: 6g. Anything eaten with this fork automatically tastes like chicken