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Shops & Services


Guild of Heralds

Announcements, advertisements and proclamations of all kinds, in all languages, conducted sun or rain, all year round, all throughout the known realms! Contact us to discuss prices for your advertising needs or official announcements you wish to be distributed.

Work is available for Heralds! Able to walk and talk? Visit us for a reliable and easy source of income!

Wrimm Way Inn & Tavern

Single Room: 1g
Double/Twin: 2g
Large Suite: 6g

Baxter & Sanchez Land Partners

Alejandro Baxter & Coleman Sanchez, experts in purchase and sale of foreign land. More properties available. Looking for something specific? Property research done on request

300m2 plot in Sandy Shores: 3,300g
390m2 plot in Angvar: 1,090g
450m2 plot in Dalra: 2,150g
920m2 plot in Karankhaz, foreign quarter: 333,545g
1000m2 plot in Corslada City, central: 98,570g 
1400m2 plot in Corslada City, west: 134,000g
2250m2 beachside plot in Tropica: 294,990g

Shooting Star Arcanium

Wand of Vampirism: 159g, 2d6+2 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. The wielder is healed for half of the damage dealt

Wand of the Soigneur: 88g, 1d6 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. When used against an ally, this wand restores 4d4 HP on a successful hit

Bag of 10 Acorns: 18g, planting an acorn in soil will allow it to instantly grow into a tree of 2d12 height in yards. Concentrating for one minute while it grows will allow the user to shape the tree

Magical Coin Pouch: 54g, as an Action you can hold the pouch in the direction of one target you can see, then open it. Doing so reveals a symbol of a coin that tells you how much gold the target is carrying. Copper = less than 50g. Silver = 50 to 250g. Gold = 250 to 1000g. Platinum = more than 1000g

Cornelius Palmer’s Silks & Fabrics

Wedding Dress: 42g
Imperial Gown: 39g
Gentleman’s Suit Jacket: 25g
Gentleman’s Satin Tuxedo: 35g
Gentleman’s Trousers: 10g
Fine Silk Shirt/Blouse: 9g
Fine Silk Underwear: 4g
Cotton Socks: 2g
Cotton Night Robes: 5g
Wool Travel Cloak: 8g, with deep pockets
Waterproof Stetson: 10g

Elya Wood’s Dress: 1585g, a beautiful dress of pristine white silk. +5 HP to all heals cast. In addition, you no longer require Line of Sight to cast any healing or beneficial Spells

Cloak of Protection: 230g, you gain +1 AC and +1 to all Saving Throws made whilst wearing this cloak

Gloves of Vast Speed: 395g, you gain +5 to Initiative rolls and +5 Movement whilst wearing these gloves

Fur of Warmth: 98g, these large white furs are made from the skins of creatures native to the Vale of Winter region. Whilst wearing this cloak, you have Resistance to Cold damage. In addition, you do not suffer any negative effects due to environments of extreme cold

Moonlight Road Consumables

Trauma Kit: 50g, restores 4d6 HP and cures most common Diseases

Spirit Oil: 75g, lasts one day. May be applied to most weapons. When you successfully strike a target, any healing they receive is reduced by 50% for the next Turn

Insidious Poison: 30g, lasts one day. May be applied to most weapons. When you successfully strike a target, any Spells they cast for the next Turn result in them taking double the Spell’s Level in damage. For example, a spellcaster who casts an 8th Level Spell would take 16 damage automatically

Crimson Oil: 295g, lasts one day.  May be applied to most weapons. Increases the Threat Range by 2. For example, a weapon that crits on 20 will now crit on 18-20. A weapon that crits on 18-20 will crit on 16-20. Does not increase critical strike damage

Edible Sliver of Time: 600g, this is a small shard of edible silver alloy. When consumed, you gain one additional Action this turn. Consuming this does not count as an Action. You may not use this item more than once on the same turn

Vial of Lesser Refreshment: 135g, when consumed restore one expended spell slot of your choice from Spell Level 1 to Level 4
Vial of Greater Refreshment: 293g, when consumed restore one expended spell slot of your choice from Spell Level 5 to Level 8
Vial of Wondrous Refreshment: 980g, when consumed restore one expended spell slot of your choice at Spell Level 9

Radiant Candle: 200g, while lit, the Candle sheds dim light in a 15-yard radius. Any creature within that light makes Attack rolls, Saving Throws, and Ability Checks with Advantage. In addition, any casters in the light can cast 1st-level Spells he or she has prepared without expending Spell Slots

Potion of Invisibility: 250g, this potion’s container looks empty but feels as though it holds liquid. When you drink it, you become Invisible for 1 hour. Anything you wear or carry is Invisible with you. The effect ends early if you Attack or Cast a Spell

Alexa Whiteglade, Fabricator

Fabrication fee: 100g

Using faerie magic, Alexa will attempt to combine multiple magical items, tools, potions, armors or weapons into one single item. There is no limit on the number of items you may provide. There is no guarantee that the fabrication will be successful – the fee is payable either way. Fabrication may result in a powerful, unique item; a useless item or one of little value; or the complete destruction of your items with nothing in return. Providing more powerful items increases the chance of success, but no guarantees can be made

Brokle: 50g, shattering this small red gem on the floor as an Action draws you and one Target you can see into an all-or-nothing gamble. Roll 1d2. On a roll of 1, you take 100 damage. On a roll of 2, your Target takes 100 damage

Summoning Stroke: 95g, summons a non-controllable kitten that lasts one Turn before disappearing. During this time, it runs between all allies it can reach, healing each of them for 2d8 HP each

The Hunter’s Lodge

Burning Glyph: 80g, using this item allows you to deploy a glyph covering up to 15 square yards that lasts 10 turns. Any enemies entering this area take 15 Fire damage for each Turn they remain within the glyph

Glyph of Truce: 195g, using this item allows you to deploy a glyph covering up to 35 square yards that lasts one Turn. All creatures in this area have all damage they take, and deal, reduced by 1000 until the glyph expires

Fulminating Glyph: 333g, using this item allows you to deploy a glyph covering up to 20 square yards that lasts 5 Turns. Any allies entering this area have their Critical Strike damage increased by 1 Multiplier until the glyph expires. For example, a weapon or spell that crits for x2 will crit for x3

Razor Tripwire: 15g, two yards of razor-thin, almost invisible tripwire. Requires at least 15 Dexterity to place. Any creature that triggers this trap immediately suffers 3d8 Slashing damage and has its Movement speed reduced by half for the next two Turns

Breach Bomb: 43g, can be attached adhesively to one object, such as a wall or door. When the fuse on this small package is lit, it melts after two Turns, generating excess heat and dealing 8d8 Thermal damage to whatever it is attached to. Can be used to attempt to create openings. Deals no damage to living creatures, although it may be used offensively against Constructs and other such devices

Fine Longbow: 110g, 1d12+2 Piercing damage, x3 Critical, Reach (150 ft.)

Lettice Dering, Researcher

Research available on all areas of expertise. Fees payable on a results basis: the more information I find, the more you pay – if I find nothing, you pay nothing!

Blonkaos Giant Porters

Let our team of Giant porters transport your valuables, furniture and other items from place to place. Moving house? No problem. Need muscles to expand your business? Come to us! 

King’s Avenue Private Vaults

Private vaults for the storage of your valuables. Discretion and security assured.

10 spaces = 4g per month
15 spaces = 10g per month
20 spaces = 20g per month
25 spaces = 40g per month
50 spaces = 100g per month

Inn of The Accords

Deluxe Room: 12g
Family Suite: 20g
Diplomatic Suite: 49g
Empress Jordaya Suite: 580g
Imperial Suite: 1295g

Fine Dining Tasting Menu: 90g per person (200g with wine pairing). A small portion of each dish below:

Baked pheasant with leeks
Smoked salmon and wild berries
Barbecued tiger fish and papaya
Braised beef and pears with ginger
Meerkat dumplings with sage
Poached and peppered quail eggs
Lobster in tomato cream sauce
Crab-stuffed lobster tail
Fried ostrich and egg omelette

Genchasen Kugbarit’s Rare Books

The Travels of Gabriell Farstrider: 15g per volume, a chronicle of the adventures of Gabriell Farstrider as well as his detailed records of the places he visited. Divided into 4 Volumes: The Northlands, The Great Mountains, The Far East, and The Islands of the West. This is still the primary text for many common Rathan citizens on these areas, despite how old it is

Sarafina’s Fables: 43g, a collection of nearly 500 fables credited to a pre-Imperial Onean Witch named Sarafina Pekala. In the wake of the Barbarian Wars, Sarafina began to write stories to teach lessons that she had learned over her long life. She wrote the vast majority of her tales using animals. This freed her from the boundaries of race and religion while still allowing her to use the concepts abstractly to tell stories about people and their differences. Her stories, ranging from “The Wolf and the Lamb” with its tale of law and injustice, to “The Fox and the Stork” which teaches the Golden Rule, are still used by parents and teachers to teach life’s basic lessons almost 800 years later

The First Eagle: 40g, this monumental work recounts the life, times, and conquests of King Talven Meklan: King of Rath and founder of the Great Empire of Man. It is compiled from the writings of several historians, two biographers, and fifteen eyewitnesses from among his Generals, companions, and family. Although the parts of this book were created over nearly 200 years, the great lexicographer Ethan of Valande finally compiled all of the works into the text now recognized

The Outer Realms: 95g, the first human work on the Planes. The book, first taken to be pure fantasy, was written by a man who found the accessed the Plane of Mirrors and the Endless Stair and conducted a reasonable survey of Arborea, the Elemental Plane of Fire, and what most modern scholars agree is the 89th Level of the Abyss. He called the planes Heaven, Inferno, and the Dread Sea of Eternity and, using his rather accurate studies, made many erroneous philosophical and magical conclusions. He also speaks of at least seven, but possibly nine, other planes or demi-planes of which scholars can tentatively identify Ghenna, Bytopia, and the demi-plane known as Ravenloft while also believing that one of the others must be Limbo

Al-Qadim, Book of Tales: 33g, one of the earliest creative works to come out of the Far East, the Book of Tales tells stories from a fictional land called Al-Qadim, “The Land of Fate”. In this anthology, stories mostly take place in the coastal Mataku areas of Vi’ruk and Sesh’hau. The stories in this early work all teach the primacy of fate and the penalties for hubris. The pirates of the Bay of Huzuz are the only ones who seem to be able to break free of their fates, and then only at the expense of others. The philosophical ramifications of this are still debated even though many more stories from Al-Qadim have come out over the years

The Great Battles and Sieges of Lastavia: 1495g (full set), 350g (one Age or Region). This monumental, encyclopedic tome is highly valued for its wisdom and insight and is made up of an incredible number of Volumes. The work itself is really a compendium of works compiled within a canon established by the University of Valande, going into vast detail about every known historical battle, war, siege and other such military excursion in recorded history. Generals and nobles alike will collect the tomes and keep them in their library to read and also to have as show pieces. The full set of books comprises Volumes discussing the battles, tactics, sieges and so on that took place in various Ages or Regions of Lastavia. For a person to have more than one or two of these Volumes shows power or money, and even among high lords a “full Age” or even “full Region” is impressive. Complete sets are rare and expensive, because even with magic, these books with their extensive diagrams and maps are hard to reproduce. The Volumes are perhaps the world’s best collection of tactics, warfare and strategy advice covering every area of the known world, and every conflict in history, and are therefore extremely highly prized by Generals and other such military personnel

The Lay of Lúthær: 25g, this epic poem tells the story of Corellon Larethian, the elf champion of the Realms of Light, and his orc friend Gruumsh. The two were best friends until the Battle of Lúthær. The story, considered to be a fantastical explanation for the enmity between Elves and Orcs, may in fact be a semi-true tale of a real battle during the Valandan Wars. The Lay, written in traditional octosyllabic verse, tells the tale of their falling out and the epic duel the two held. Monologues and dialogues dominate the Lay and it is held in the highest traditions of tragedy

The Doom of Ubar: 40g. The precautionary tale of Ubar, this eastern legend tells of the wealthy trading post and caravanserai of Ubar. It was a fortress-town on the high road through the Janni’s Anvil area of the great eastern Sea of Sand known as the Kholukkhand Desert. An ancient Sha’ir of great wisdom founded the city after he made a pact with the men of the desert. Ubar was wealthy and privileged beyond imagination, with buildings and apartments of granite and fine marble rising like cliffs out of an oasis in the blasted desert. But pride befell the city. The last Sha’ir imprisoned the tribesmen’s wives, and chose to resist the tribes of the desert when they demanded their release. In their rage, they destroyed the city completely