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Notable Locations

1. Church of Shendrac

Cleansing services: a donation is welcomed. Removes most curses and diseases

2. Farth Inn

Standard lodgings: 1g per person per night (shared room)
Country breakfast: 1g per person
Rustic country dinner with fresh, local vegetables and roasted game: 2g per person
Small bag of venison jerky: 3g

Bedroll: 5g, a sheepskin bedroll. Water resistant

Blanket: 5g, a woolen blanket

Rope: 9g, 100 metres of coiled rope

Rations: 2g per person, per day. A selection of pre-packed dried fruits, meats and grains

A selection of local wines and ales is available

Stables: free with a stay, otherwise 1g per animal per night

3. Mayor’s Office