Alchemy Lab

This lab has everything anyone could ever need relating to Alchemy. While inside this building, you receive a +4 bonus to any Alchemy-type checks.


Racks of armor and weapons in this room provide good-quality weapons, armor, ammunition and tactical gear for up to 25 troops.


This great auditorium seats up to 100 in tiered seats, and is designed to enhance acoustics and artistic appreciation. While in this place, you gain a +4 bonus to any Performance-type checks.


This chapel features a polished stone altar, and handsome stained glass windows. There is also a small office and dressing room for a priest wishing to perform services. In addition, you gain a +4 bonus to any Religion-type checks while in this place.


Floor-to-ceiling glass-fronted cabinets keep a selection of books in pristine condition. Sigils carved into the stone floor indicate what section of the library you’re in. There are several large tables for private study. While in this building, you gain a +4 bonus to any Knowledge-type checks you make, and can also retrieve books on specific subjects.

Luxury Office

This office has a well-appointed waiting room with an exquisite couch, along with a desk for a clerk or office manager (that you must hire). The main office features more couches, desks, and meeting space with writing materials where you can receive guests or visitors who have come to seek your attention. It also has a small bar from which to serve drinks, and a trophy wall, where you can display keepsakes, portraits or other mementos to showcase your greatness to the petitioners visiting your office.

Magic Lab

This lab has everything anyone could ever need relating to Magic. While inside this building, you receive a +4 bonus to any Arcana-type checks.


This medium-size market has enough space for six covered stalls or shops that may be occupied by businesses. In addition, you gain a +4 bonus to any Mercantile-type checks you make while in this space.


This small prison has individual cells, shackles and facilities for up to six prisoners, along with a small office for up to two guards on duty.


This is a medium-size building that is dedicated to a single shop or business, with storage space in the back, display shelves and a sales counter in the front. It has a large picture window in the front to display goods to potential customers, as well as polished wood floors and glass display cases. In addition, you gain a 25% discount on any goods or services you purchase from this building.


This building features a marble-clad forge and an anvil of the highest quality, carpentry tools, painting and art equipment, writing materials, tailoring supplies and various other tools and equipment covering most professions. While working here, you gain a +4 bonus on any Craft-type checks.


The stables features enough space and equipment to care for up to ten horses.

Staff Quarters

Basic, clean and comfortable, no-nonsense living quarters for up to eight staff, along with a small kitchen, bathroom and common area.


This is a large, secured vault building with a door that can only be bypassed by code. Inside, there is a holding area containing several private lockchests and secure glass display cases for valuables, as well as a magical counting case that can store up to 500,000 gold in cash and recall the exact value of its contents when asked.