All Wondrous Constructs are free. However, every one will require special materials, furnishings, employees or other such investments to complete construction.

Ambassador’s Chamber

Any creature entering this building or staying overnight is automatically influenced to the next highest category of reaction. 

Hatred -> Hostile -> Unfriendly -> Indifferent -> Friendly -> Helpful -> Fanatic

Arcane Bell

Anyone striking this bell immediately sets off the stronghold’s security features. The owners of the stronghold are unaffected by these features. You can strike the bell again to disable the entire spell, but it may not be reactivated for 24 hours.

Corridors: Fog fills every corridor, making them heavily obscured. In addition, at each intersection or branching passage offering a choice of direction, there is a 50 percent chance that a creature other than you will believe it is going in the opposite direction from the one it chooses.

Doors: All doors in the warded area are magically locked, as if sealed by an Arcane Lock spell. In addition, there is a 50 per cent chance that a creature other than you will think the door is just a plain section of wall.

Stairs: Webs fill all stairs in the warded area from top to bottom, as the web spell. These strands slow movement drastically and regrow in 10 minutes if they are burned or torn away.

Cabinet of Stasis

Any creature placed fully within this cabinet enters a state of suspended animation, slowing its vital functions to the point where they essentially halt. Once inside, the creature experiences the passage of one day for each decade that passes outside the cabinet. A creature inside the cabinet only awakens if pulled from the cabinet by someone outside.

Chamber of Guidance

Anyone entering this chamber who speaks the command word, inscribed on a wall, gains Advantage on the next check they perform. This effect can only be gained by each user once per day.

Cloudgathering Orb

This metre-wide crystal orb keeps the weather nasty around the stronghold in a two-mile radius (thunderstorms in spring, torrential rain in summer, sleet and hail in autumn, and blizzards in winter). The owners of the orb are unaffected by the weather effects, and may also activate and deactivate the orb at will.

Everfull Larder

Whenever opened, this larder provides delicious, nourishing food for up to eight people, and never runs out of stock.


Once seated upon this mighty throne, if you close your eyes, you can gaze upon all the planes and realms like a God. You may not choose what you wish to look at, but you are shown random scenes from any of the planes, in real time. The scene and plane changes every few minutes.

Hole of Hiding

The hole of hiding is an extradimensional space set 10 metres in the air, with a rope dangling from it. Up to eight people may climb the rope into the space. Once you pull up the rope, you are in another dimension and the hole is completely undetectable. Inside the hole of hiding, you can see into the real world as though looking through a window centred on the rope. Spells cannot cross this window.

Inscriptions of Privacy

These inscriptions bless one room within your stronghold with arcane sigils that prevent any use of spells such as Clairvoyance, Scrying or the use of a crystal ball to spy on the room from afar. In addition, when anyone attempts to spy on the room by such means, the arcane sigils give you a mental image of the scryer, along with a rough idea of their distance and direction.

Invisible Helper

This permanent unseen servant can work tirelessly and perform simple tasks and duties, such as those that might be carried out by a commoner. It is anchored to the stronghold and may not leave.

Map of Tactics

This table features a topographical map of the entire world. By touching something connected to a person or creature to the map (such as a scrap of its clothing, a strand of hair, a letter, personal items etc), the map can track the location of that person or creature forever. The map of tactics can track up to six subjects at once.

Oaken Guardian

This construct is a beautiful tree set into the soil of your stronghold, that can be activated with an 11-word command phrase. You must tell it what to protect. Once the command word is spoken, the tree transforms itself into a vast and powerful treant guardian that protects the specified structure. It returns to its treelike state once it has accomplished its objective. If killed, it is no more, but if damaged, it can repair itself like a treant.

Orb of Pleasant Breezes

This orb maintains the weather in a two-mile radius around the stronghold, keeping it mild and pleasant all year round.

Planar Prison

This prison is a normal building within your stronghold that can only be accessed by speaking the command word, or by the use of powerful planar magic. Anyone left within is unable to exit the building unless they know the command word, or can use planar transportation spells. Even if physical force or other magic is used against the building to attempt to free a prisoner, it will not be sufficient to retrieve the prisoner from the planar spell.