A cottage capable of sleeping up to two in a single bed. Has basic cooking facilities and a small amount of living space.

Simple House

Less cramped than a cottage, the simple house features two spacious rooms and a double bed.

Large House

The two-storey large house has two bedroom suites, a basic office, a luxury bathroom, a large kitchen and a generous amount of storage space.


The mansion is a vast home that features a large kitchen, several fancy bathrooms, 4 bedroom suites, a fancy master bedroom suite, a dining hall, a luxury study/office, a basic throne room with display space for trophies, and two large storage spaces. The mansion is spread out over three floors.


The castle is an immense structure that features eight luxury suites, two royal suites, and sixteen basic sleeping cells. There are multiple bathrooms, as well as en-suite facilities for all suites. There is a private royal dining hall and kitchen, as well as a large canteen area and separate common kitchen. In addition, the castle has its own small armory, freshwater well, underground food larder to preserve food, two large offices, a throne room, and a war room/planning room with maps and tactical guidance.