Notable Locations

1. Security Checkpoint 

2. Currency Exchange Office

1 Imperial Gold = 1.79 Corsladan Sovereign Doubloons
1 Imperial Gold = 1.31 Spellbinder Astrals
1 Imperial Gold = 0.37 Sha-ral Aureus

3. Passage to Artaglundir

4. Old Arta Ruins entry tunnel

Entry permit required

5. The Shop of Wondrous Oddities

Conch Shell of Gull Calling: 15g, a single seagull always shows up when this weathered old shell is blown, but may not be commanded

Ring of Fire Detection: 3g, as an Action the ring glows brightly to inform the wearer that a fire is nearby. Will only function within 5 feet of a fire

An Ethereal’s Boot: 30g, a ghostly, shimmering left boot previously worn by an ethereal

Amulet of Feather-falling: 12g, when falling, this amulet falls at a greatly reduced speed

Greataxe of Forced Entry: 25g, 1d8 Slashing, x2 Critical. Flies from the user’s hand to attempt to destroy any wooden door within a range of 30 feet, whether commanded to or not. Whether it succeeds or fails, it then returns to the wielder’s hand, if possible. Can be restrained with a DC15 strength check every round until all susceptible doors are out of range

Scroll of Burning: 5g, a small, rolled blank paper. As soon as it’s opened and someone attempts to read it, it bursts into flames, very briefly, and then disappears into ash

6. Wizards’ Guild & Tower of Testing

7. Kukz Zeesvalk’s Boots Emporium

Boots of Martyr’s Shift: 165g, these crimson leather boots have small white wings embedded into their surface. As a Reaction, you may completely negate any number of damage dice done against you. However, doing so runs a 50% chance of permanently removing 1 maximum HP per damage die negated. For example, if something hits you with three swings for (18 + 28 + 10) damage, you can negate the 18, 28, 10 damage or any combination. The DM then makes a 50/50 check on your fate. If you chose to negate one damage die (e.g. 28 damage), and you are unsuccessful, you would permanently lose 1 maximum HP. If you chose to negate all three dice, and you are unsuccessful, you would permanently lose 3 maximum HP