Property size is measured in Stronghold Squares (SS). You can see the sizes of various buildings and features on the Buildings & Upgrades page.

The below locations are marked on the World Map

The images are not to scale, don’t make decisions based on the apparent visual size of the map and what you can fit in it, or worry about where houses are going to “go” 🙂



Region: Sha-ral Border Zone
Size: 80 SS (Huge)
Cost: 32,600g
Description: A town built on this land would be the closest Imperial settlement to enemy territory in the entire Empire, directly on the frontier between Rath and Sha-ral. Though the forces of Sha-ral have remained dormant for decades, if they ever decided to invade Rath, a town built here would be obliterated without warning.

For this reason, this area of land is extremely large and is being offered at a very attractive price. Similarly, the surrounding land is available for future expansion at reasonable prices. No agriculture is possible here due to the freezing temperatures.

This region and the border are heavily patrolled by Wintervale troops to prevent any incursions from Sha-ral.

Governor: Ellyn Bailey, Duchess of Wintervale
Local Assets: None
Local Threats: Sha-ral raiding parties, human renegades, wraiths, dragons, yrthaku, giants, goliaths, wights, wyrms
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Hilly tundra
Legal Status: Freehold


Region: Argevrad Peaks
Size: 31 SS (Small)
Cost: 28,000g
Description: A compact, easily defensible plateau in the Argevrad Peaks, within a day’s travel of Icford and the elf settlement of Tiressea.

The land is currently subject to a legal dispute between three parties. David Waldegrave, Marquis of Fort Leefs, is the apparent owner of the land who has placed it up for sale. A group of dwarves, whose Ambassador is staying nearby in Tiressea, say they already have an agreement with the Empire to use the land. Finally, a representative from the Goliath tribes native to the Argevrad peaks has insisted the land must be turned over to them, or they will resort to their usual method of solving problems.

The dispute may simply be a matter of principle, but some of the more cynical locals think that it’s about access to mineral resources. The buyer of the land owns a small strip of nearby mountains. Initial prospecting has shown the potential for asterite and platinum deposits in these mountains, which could be mined and processed.

Any buyer must be prepared to defend their ownership of the land in court, negotiate with the competing parties, and possibly face repossession or forced sale if the courts decide against them.

Governor: Ellyn Bailey, Duchess of Wintervale
Local Assets: Traces of asterite and platinum deposits
Local Threats: Goliaths, giants, sirrushi, elementals, mountain lions, panthers, bears, harpies
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Mountainous
Legal Status: Ownership is disputed


Region: Corsladan Coast
Size: 57 SS (Large)
Cost: 81,190g
Description: A large plot directly on the seashore, this is one of the few areas in the Vale of Winter that has mild winters, due to the warm winds from the Corsladan Sea. There is a small natural harbour that provides protection from tidal currents and waves.

If a dock were constructed near this area, passing ships might choose to stop at the town – although there are already several coastal settlements nearby. You could benefit from their trade and their mooring fees. It would also give direct access to many other cities in Rath by ship, if you signed an agreement with a shipping company to conduct a regular schedule.

Despite the fact that this plot is in the Vale of Winter, it’s administered from Artaglundir, which is much closer. Therefore, any construction is likely to benefit from the reduced taxes and costs in that region. On the other hand, this plot is in a remote location distant from Wintervale’s protection and patrols. If there is a threat or incident, Imperial help will be slow in coming.

Some agriculture would be possible here due to the warm sea air and mild climate. There is plenty of land available nearby for further expansion, although it is considered expensive due to its prime coastal location.

Governor: Saevel Inaralei, Duke of Artaglundir
Local Assets: Small natural harbour, small hardwood forest
Local Threats: Pirates, naga, chuul, werebears, dire wolves 
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Grassland, woods
Legal Status: Freehold



Region: Ikhael’s Spine
Size: 38 SS (Medium)
Cost: 40,000g
Description: A double-edged sword. This plot is in a valley at the top of a mountain path. The only entrance into the valley is via a stone bridge that crosses a fast-flowing river. The presence of this chokepoint means a small number of defenders could hold the valley almost indefinitely against a large force. However, an external force could easily pin the inhabitants in the valley, trapped behind their own bridge, by establishing a siege.

The valley benefits from an unusual natural phenomenon. A nearby volcano in the mountain range of Ikhael’s Spine heats the land and water from underground. There are hot springs, and the soil is fertile thanks to the warmth. Extensive agriculture could be conducted in this valley despite the nearby snow and ice caps.

There is zero room for further expansion on this site, as the path over the bridge is simply a trail that passes down through the mountains to the lowland.

Governor: Ellyn Bailey, Duchess of Wintervale
Local Assets: Natural hot springs, stone bridge
Local Threats: Elementals, harpies, rocs, tayellah, dire eagles, trolls 
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Grassland
Legal Status: Freehold


Region: Central Vale of Winter
Size: 44 SS (Medium)
Cost: 62,500g
Description: This open site sits in a frosty field, at the junction of two major trade roads: the Silversnow Path, which connects Drake’s Demise and Artaglundir through the Whisper Mountain Pass and finally to Wintervale; and the Great Coastal Road, which covers the thousand miles from Lanthrel to Wintervale. No agriculture is possible here due to the freezing temperatures.

The Duchess of Wintervale would require the town to allow both roads to pass through its centre, and allow free passage to all travellers. Perhaps some arrangement could be made with the Duchess to shoulder some of the wage costs for guards. There is no other settlement in a considerable distance on both of these major roads.

A town that manages to meet the needs of passing travellers might profit considerably from this location. However, fulfilling their needs and guarding the town may require striking a tough balance, as the plot is only medium-sized.

Expansion is likely to be difficult. Although plenty of open land surrounds this plot, it is owned by the Duchy of Wintervale and reserved for military use. It will come at a cost.

Governor: Ellyn Bailey, Duchess of Wintervale
Local Assets: Position on trade routes
Local Threats: Ogres, dire bears, giants, bandits, smugglers, aarakocra
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Flat open tundra
Legal Status: Freehold


Region: Westmark Forest
Size: 70 SS (Huge)
Cost: 69,250g
Description: A vast open field near the Westmark Forest and the coast, this property is also valuable because the buyer will own several acres of hardwood forests that are not part of elf territory. An ancient treaty between Rath and the elves prevents most logging operations in the Westmark itself, but this land comes with a separate forested area that could be exploited.

The land has significant potential for agriculture due to its size and fertility. There is also plenty of room for expansion, at a price. Due to its presence on the coast, this site could also host a dock to connect to major shipping routes in the Straits of Concordance and the Valandan Sea.

Threats are likely to be minimal, although this region is rarely patrolled. This plot is quite isolated, as it lies between two and three days’ travel from the nearest settlements.

The current owner of this land is a private citizen who purchased it as an investment, and is now hoping to make a reasonable profit on its sale. Ownership is, unfortunately, contested by both the Duke of Farwater and the Earl of Lanthrel, who had earmarked this site for some kind of military facility. The legal case is complicated by the fact that the proposed use of the land is classified, and cannot be disclosed in court. The case is likely to drag on for some time to come.

Governor: Duke of Farwater
Local Assets: Extensive hardwood forests
Local Threats: Couatl, satyrs, ankhegs, boars, snakes, spiders, owlbears, treants, ettercaps, dryads
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Forested plains
Legal Status: Contested


Region: Earldom of Lanthrel
Size: 105 SS (Colossal)
Cost: 103,180g
Description: This property is an extremely large and pleasant site with plenty of room for further expansion. It features farmlands, a few gentle hills, streams and pastures, as well as hardwood forest and two large orchards. It is well-guarded and connected by road to other towns and cities in the region.

Governor: Earl of Lanthrel
Local Assets: Hardwood forests, orchards
Local Threats: Treants, ettercaps, dryads, giant ants, spiders
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Plains
Legal Status: Freehold


Region: Squall’s End Peninsula
Size: 28 SS (Tiny)
Cost: 19,180g
Description: This is a small and very cheap hilltop plot near Squall’s End, with an excellent vantage point over the coast.  There are several excellent harbours nearby that could berth large ships with deep draughts, perhaps even becoming a major port of trade if all the harbours were used. A dock could be constructed for legitimate shipping, or less legitimate activities outside the watchful eyes of the authorities.

Some agriculture might be possible here, although the hills are hot and rocky. There is plenty of land at the end of the peninsula available for further expansion, and it is not likely to be in great demand so it may be cheap.

This is a very remote location without road connections or guards. The only nearby town is the small resort of Squall’s End.

Governor: Duke of Valande
Local Assets: Large natural harbour
Local Threats: Pirates, aboleths, sea hags, Merrow, bandits, Mataku tribesmen
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Hills
Legal Status: Freehold


Region: Wavecrash Peaks
Size: 53 SS (Huge)
Cost: 49,000g
Description: At the top of one of the highest peaks in the Wavecrash mountains lies a large, open plateau. It’s exposed to the weather and elements, and getting there involves a long, arduous climb, both of which factors would make construction difficult. On the other hand, this plateau is almost impossible to assault successfully, except from the air. A handful of defenders could hold off an entire army.

There is no prospect of agriculture on this rocky outcrop, and there is nowhere to expand to in future. However, the property cost does include ownership of a series of unexplored caves and tunnels within the first 100 metres below the plateau, which may contain mineral resources.

Governor: Duke of Valande
Local Assets: Cavern and tunnel system
Local Threats: Kuo-Toa, trolls, hydra, manticores, gryphons, dire eagles, chimera
Natural Features/Climate/Terrain Type: Mountainous
Legal Status: Freehold