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Palace of the Duke of Rath: the magnificent and heavily fortified historical palace of the Dukes and Duchesses of Rath City, essentially the Emperor’s right-hand man and Governor of the region. Currently home to Duchess Carline Cavendish, 23rd Duchess of Rath.

Atlas Drake Military Academy: the world’s foremost military school for officers, special forces and students from other nations who travel to Rath City to learn tactics and grand strategy. Admission to this academy is restricted to the most gifted applicants.

Daralon’s Hand: 

Shops & Services


Kokuhr, Home Rental

I have homes available to rent on a daily to permanent basis in most major Rathan towns and cities. Contact me to discuss your needs, and my selection.

Far Tides Procurators

Looking to obtain any material, item or substance, from common to the most rare things found in the world? We can assist, for a price. Come to us to discover how we can procure rare items for you.

Adventurers, miners, treasure hunters: we need you! Contracts available for procuring rare objects. Substantial rewards offered.

Clare Asplyn, Bookbinder & Copyist

Magical mass document copying:

1-100 Copies: 2g each
101-250 Copies: 1g each
251-500 Copies: 50 silver each
501-999 Copies: 25 silver each
1000+ Copies: 20 silver each

Manuscripts can be bound into books or transcribed onto scrolls at your request.

Bayside Laundry

All clothes washed, pressed and magically cleansed for 2g per item. Rapid service! Look your best for your next appointment.

Empress Jordaya I Public Baths & Pool

Unlimited access, to all citizens, is free of charge. Rest, relax and enjoy our clean swimming pools, hot water spas, Vale of Winter saunas, and the Empress’s rose garden and topiary for those wishing to walk. Facilities are available for children.

Red Brick Passage Restaurant

Proudly serving good food fast, for over two decades!

Celsan Pasta with Meatballs & Bexley tomato sauce: 4g
Faliene White Stag Burger: 4g
Faliene White Stag Cheeseburger: 6g
Lanthrel Angus Beef Burger: 7g
Lanthrel Angus Cheeseburger: 9g
Narrow Sea Swordfish Kebab: 4g

All meals served with roasted potato chunks and available for takeaway.

Eluthiel Flatbreads: 14g (to share). A large, tearable elf flatbread topped optionally with cheese or drizzled with oil. Choose up to three toppings from:

White Stag chunks, ham, Lanthrel Angus Steak shavings, Livohka hot salami, Corsladan mango or pineapple.

Bayside Bar

Enjoy an ice-cold drink overlooking the water. Outside tables available

Melidaan Red: 3g
Celadorian Red: 4g (glass), 10g (bottle)

Valandan Cider (various flavors): 3g
Four Cities Ale: 2g
Elf Feywine: 5g

Bar Snacks: 2g each. Choose from a selection of local cheeses, smoked salmon parcels in pastry, barbecued chicken chunks on skewers with papaya, roasted potato chips with Bexley tomato sauce, or deep-fried ostrich meatballs with Corsladan Islands dressing

Leigh, Leigh & Topsfield: Imperial Researchers

Our research does not come cheap, but we have access to exclusive Imperial contacts, libraries and key sources of information to ensure you get the answer you need. Contact us today for more information!

Baron Harry Donnet, Money Changer & Pawnbroker

Need a quick cash fix? Pawn your valuables to me. Reasonable rates of interest on loans.

1 Imperial Gold = 1.81 Spellbinder Astrals
1 Imperial Gold = 1.70 Corsladan Sovereign Doubloons
1 Imperial Gold = 1.09 Valande Royal Eagles
1 Imperial Gold = 0.48 Khollukhand Riyal
1 Imperial Gold = 0.35 Imperial Marks

Serendipity Casino & Gambling Halls

Gambling games available: Scores, Crown & Anchor, Chance

Bet on sporting events of all kinds! Betting available on the Kaiat Koldu arena brawls and the Aquarine Battle Royale. Which team will prevail? Bet now!

Martin Scrogs Law

Specialist in commercial law, trade, international law and real estate transactions.

City of Artaglundir Arms & Armor Outlet

Explore the works of Artaglundir’s legendary arms industry.

Dzance’s Guardian Shield: 250g, +2 AC. The ranger Dzance found this shield in the depths of Artaglundir, its origin unknown. You have Resistance to Lightning damage. Additionally, when you receive Lightning damage, you can use your Reaction to shock a creature within 10 yards for 1d4+2 Lightning damage

Laeral’s Storm Armor: 333g, +1 AC. You may use an Action to make yourself immune to  Cold and Lightning damage for one hour. You must complete a Long Rest before you can use this feature again. Additionally, your Movement is not affected by strong natural or magical winds whilst wearing this armor

Fine Artaglundir Helm: 205g, +1 AC
Fine Artaglundir Gauntlets: 185g, +1 AC. Advantage on any checks made to avoid being Disarmed, or to Disarm an enemy
Fine Artaglundir Chain: 290g, +2 AC, -5 Movement Speed
Fine Artaglundir Battle Boots: 290g, +1 AC. The wearer is able to walk through ankle-height flames, toxic substances, sludge, poison and other harmful elements of most kinds without being harmed or slowed
Fine Artaglundir Plate: 505g, +4 AC, -10 Movement Speed

Obsidian Plate: 1220g, +8 AC, -20 Movement Speed. -1 to all Dexterity checks and Saving Throws

Feather Chainmail: 2783g, +2 AC. The wearer gains +10 Movement Speed, and +1 to all Dexterity checks and Saving Throws. In addition, any attacks made by Druids, Fey or Plantae against the wearer are made with Disadvantage

Masterwork craftsmanship starts at a minimum of 1500g for design & labor, plus the costs of acquiring whatever magic and materials are required.

Grand Bayside Books

Below is just a small selection of the books we have on sale. Enquire within for more details.

The Dragonsteel Blades: 25g, this book tells the tale of ancient blades, crafted in the Age of Wonders, forged through a lost process where exceptional Adamantium or Mithril is forged together with Dragonscale and a small amount of extraplanar Immaterium. The result are blades of singular craft and strength

Libria Mathmatica: 15g, the formative text in human mathematics. The book is of unknown age and authorship has never been determined. The text forms the basis for most basic human math: it establishes the basic principles and axioms of math and most higher math such as algebra and geometry has been derived from this work

A Record of the Lowland Wars: 33g, this rare book recounts the wars fought against the early Rathan settlers from the perspective of the elves. Written by Andron Kalp, wizard-chronicler and battle-mage of the Athonian Army. This is the only surviving work on any early Rathan war other than the Tribal Invasion made by an eye-witness

Rhovin’s Commentaries: 20g per volume, a series of three books written by the man “Rhovin”, which is undoubtedly a pseudonym or polypseudonym, which contain letters from him to the great human leaders of the time. All content was written by Rhovin and the letters are meant to be a satirical protest against the Rathan Empire’s often violent expansion across the Westlands. Rhovin acknowledges that in many cases the conquered city-states started the wars, but argues that in these cases that Rath always went too far in search of territory, often to little initial end. Rampant expansion for its own end, xenophobia, and greed are the main points of his discussion; although he is fair and makes many sound arguments for the expansions in his retorts against himself. The book is still regarded as a masterpiece and one of the pillars of the satirical and logical canon

The Tales of Dekesh the Adored: 20g, it recounts a bard’s travels south to the Horn of Ferth’assa and beyond, to explore the fabled islands that the Sea Men told of in their tales of coming to Kaiaria. In his multi-year odyssey Dekesh traveled the length of the Mataku Archipelago, sailed off to the south where no man had gone before, and wrote of a giant storm on the far side of the world that blew him to a strange land of jungles and pyramids. He would later return via a scratch-built ship, following the coast and rounding the Horn of Ferth’assa to return to Valande, alive. Despite its ostensible veracity, it is largely regarded as legend and fable rather than history

Fundamentals of Logic: 15g, written by Plautican of Celungal, this book lays out the first codified system of logical debate and rhetoric. The Laws of Identity, Non-Contradiction, and the Law of the Excluded Middle paved the way for the “Imperial Logic” and the later “Reformed Logic” schools of thought

Zomahastra, Tobacconist

Celsan Split-Leaf, 22g per pouch

One of the two peculiar Endless Coast tobacco plants, the early Celsans first started growing tobacco throughout the river plains. Due to some vagary of the Celsan biome, these early farmers soon began to notice an odd mutation in their plants. Some plants would mature with strange leaves which were split about 1/3 of the way from the leaf’s base. The plants’ medium boldness leaves still produced a rich flavored smoke, but the two leaves bore distinctly different flavors that blended in the base of the leaf. The mutated plants produced a product of similar quality and potency, but the ability to vary flavors within a single plant allowed farmers to expand their market and make much more money. Through selective breeding, the farmers of northern and then soon southern Celsus City began to produce the now distinct product. The product is sold as left- or right-Leaf (reckoned holding the leafstem) and in an endless variety of combinations therein. The base 1/3 of the leaf is sold as cheap scraps, but any smoker will tell you that of all the gutter-cuts in the wide world, the Celsan poor smoke the finest. Pipe leaf, cigars, and hookah blends are sold varyingly across the Empire, but pipe is the most common away from the coast.

Ferth’assan Brightleaf, 10g per pouch

Commonly called Sipani Leaf, Brightleaf tobacco evolved out of a Western demand for a milder, lighter, more aromatic tobacco. Arturo de Voland, the famous Sipani tribal tobacconist, discovered a way to use a surge of charcoal heat to cure his plants to a beautiful golden yellow. When he smoked it he discovered the lighter and aromatic flavor, and he quickly spread the word to his fellow Sipani farmers. Soon the sandy soil north of Sipani, long considered sub-par, became some of the most productive land in the Mataku realms. The farmers discovered that Brightleaf tobacco needs thin, starved soil, and those who could not grow many other crops found that they could grow tobacco. The Sipani Tobacco Cartel, formed soon thereafter, discovered new ways of efficient charcoal curing and soon the area was 20-30 times more profitable than it had once been. Over the following few decades, Ferth’Assa became home to several of the top tobacco-producing areas in the world. Brightleaf is smoked in pipes or sailor’s cigars equally and sells well in the Corsladan Isles. The tobacco is one of the handful of trade goods that are regularly and freely traded between the Empire and the Mataku tribes in accordance with the law.

Caliphi Small Leaf, 38g per pouch

Caliphi or “Western Leaf” Tobacco is a sun-cured, highly aromatic, nicotine-rich, small-leafed variety that is grown along rivers in the Western Caran Empire, Karankhaz, and the Cape of Azarbhun. Due to the vagaries of growing in and around the double-flood cycle of Caran river systems (flooding in the spring and fall), the Western Leaf strain of tobacco, with its shorter growing period, was perfected by Caliphi farmers. Throughout the history of the Caran Empire, tobacco has been a delicacy due to the economics of growing a non-foodstuff crop in an area where farmland is at a premium. Farmers had to refine a plant that was fast-growing and alchemically productive, and Caran farmers first perfected the modern strain. Today’s Western Leaf is the result of nearly a millennium of work since then, and is the strongest mainland tobacco. Easterlings smoke the heady cured product in their traditional hookahs as well as western pipes, although this is seen as a peculiar affectation not conducive to the Easterling’s concept of communal smoking (obviously wrong as the habit tends to be communal most everywhere, but the pipe vs. multi-stem hookah is an interesting debate). Western Leaf is used for cigars as well, but these are greatly prized for their potency and rarity.

Imperial Longstem, 14g per pouch

An evolution of the original human tobacco strains, the modern Imperial Longstem is a full-bodied darker tobacco smoked by farmer and aristocrat alike across the vast Westlands and as a delicacy in the Central Empire and the East. Little is recorded of the original western plants plants through the 2nd Age, but by the end of the 2nd Age the first large plantations discovered the Longstem strain. Through Elven grafting techniques, these plantations grew taller tobacco plants that allowed for more leaves to be grown on a single plant without diminishing potency. The technique gradually spread through Lanthrel and Caer Celador before migrating into Arkala, Silmithrie and the Valley of Dogs, which today is the largest producer of the crop. Longstem flourishes in the West’s rich river valleys and alluvial plains but the Highland variety, with its distinct tang, also sells well. No matter the variety, Longstem is sold in three distinct bands. The top-leaf is the cream of the crop and nets top gold, the mid-leaf or “city cut” is the most widely sold, and the low-leaf or “farmer’s leaf” is mostly smoked by the farmers who grow the plant, country folk, or the less-well-off. Longstem is typically smoked in the western manner (pipes), but is also used in the rolling of the cigars and cigarillos sailors smoke.

Selucian Bluebell, 9g per pouch

Colonial or “Selucian” Bluebell is the second of the Endless Coast’s peculiar tobaccos. The plant is so named for the little blue flowers that grow atop the plants like the Lupine flowers of the western plains. The tobacco, an audacious blend of Eastern and Celsan stock, is strong, bold, and given to the potent flavor of Split-Leaf. Where exactly the blue flowers developed is unclear, but farmers soon discovered their uses. The little flowers can be dried and smoked or brewed into a tea, both of which produce mild hallucinogenic effects, of which the tea is stronger. Bluebell Tobacco is grown throughout the Endless Coast colonies (Ampleforth, Skystead, Brastow, Redwick Bush) but it originated in Celsus City and many outside the Endless Coast still believe it to be grown there. The Tobacco is sold as Colonial or Bluebell, where it is mixed with the dried out petals and buds of the flowers. Either can be pipe- or hookah-smoked but the Bluebell mix is not good for cigars. The small flowers are sold in smoking variety or in the more expensive tea blends – mixed with local herbs and spices.

Thuoc Loa, 80g per pouch

Thuoc Loa is the incredibly strong tobacco grown by the inhabitants of Raska, a settlement in Sha-ral. The combination of magically fertile soil and icy, tundra climate produce a tobacco unlike any other. Thuoc Loa, even smoked, is strong enough to produce a heady sensation beyond any other tobacco on Lastavia; the people of Sha-ral, however, chew it. Thuoc Loa is incredibly rare in the rest of the world, and getting leaves cured and prepared to chew is rarer still, leading to its high price.

Agriculture Society Drug Store

Polite notice to all patrons: we do not sell Nalish, Angel Leaf, Bliss or other such prohibited substances. Requests for the aforementioned drugs will be ignored and reported to local authorities.

Wizard’s Herb: 19g per dose. This green plant is dried and sold in pouches, similar to tobacco. As with tobacco, it is smoked, but unlike tobacco it tends to emit tiny sparks when lit and the exhaled smoke is a pale shade of green. Once lit, it must be smoked for at least one Turn,. Wizard’s Weed helps with clarity of thought and memory, but it makes the user nauseous.
Benefit: +1d4 to all Int checks for one hour
Cost: -1d4 to all Con checks for two hours

Bardsflower Tea: 28g per dose. The bard’s flower has small, white and pink petals. If dried and dissolved in water, these petals form Bardsflower Tea, a yellow liquid with a sweet scent and taste. Brewing the tea takes 5 minutes. Quickly drinking a cup is a full Action. It makes one more sociable and artistic, but also makes one feel weak.
Benefit: +1d4 to all Cha checks for one hour.
Cost: -1d6 to all Str checks for one hour

Vi’ruk Rage Powder: 35g per dose. The red seeds of the Malyss plant (itself a source of Malyss Root poison) can be shelled and the insides ground into powder to create Vi’ruk Rage Powder. This rare powder is obtained lawfully from the Mataku tribes at great expense. Rage Powder is a bright red powder, usually kept in potion bottles, which can be scooped out with a small spoon and snorted for an intense effect. Snorting the powder is a full Action, and the effects take place immediately. Snorting Rage Powder gives one both a minor boost of strength and a numbness toward pain, but makes the user reckless.
Benefit: +1d2 to all Str checks and all Con checks for one hour
Cost: -1d6 to all Wis checks for one hour

Archon Mushroom: 9g per dose. The Archon Mushroom tends to grow on ignored stores of grains or rice which are not kept suitably dry. It is a spotless white-capped mushroom, that is dried and eaten most commonly by druids and clerics for its benefits. Eating one dose of the mushrooms quickly is a full Action, but the effects do not begin until about 5 minutes later. Eating the mushrooms gives one a sense of unity and understanding with spiritual or divine matters, but also tends to result in dizziness.
Benefit: +1d4 to all Wis checks for one hour
Cost: -1d4 to all Dex checks for two hours

Acrobat’s Patch: An Acrobat’s Patch is a piece of rough cloth lightly coated in a gluey alchemical substance. It is usually difficult to distinguish from an ordinary tattered rag, but if rubbed on the underside of the arm between the armpit and elbow, it will result in strange drug effects. Doing so is a full Action and the effect begins one round later. Using this patch makes one feel grounded and with good balance but makes you act and speak strangely for the during of the effect.
Benefit: +1d4 to all Dex checks for one hour
Cost: -1d4 to all Cha checks for two hours

Pagli’s Gnomish Emporium

Displacer Dagger: 3902g, 2d8+2 damage, 19-20/x3 Critical, Finesse, +2 to Attack rolls, Reach (60 ft., Thrown). This dagger is surrounded with a hazy aura. You have Advantage on all Dexterity checks made whilst wielding this weapon. In addition, you can use this weapon as ranged, hurling it up to 60 ft. As a Bonus Action, you can then teleport to the dagger after throwing it

Caravan’s Friend: 95g, this can be attached to any kind of cart or carriage, granting it a 1 AC bonus. In addition, once per day, this lantern can be activated to produce a defensive sphere of 30-foot radius. Anything within this sphere has Advantage on attacks made against them by ranged weapons or spells from outside the sphere

Eyes of Mystra: 488g, these crystal lenses fit over the eyes. Whilst wearing them, you have Advantage on all Intelligence checks and Saving Throws

Gloves of Psychometry: 1049g, these ancient and mysterious gloves can be touched to an object for you to glean most useful facts about its history and the events that have surrounded the item in the past. However, there is a downside. The information that you acquire can overload and damage your psyche, based on the object’s age: 1d10 Psychic damage taken for every 100 years old the object is

Iaido Scabbard: 444g, this rare scabbard of expert manufacture sharpens your weapons whilst they are sheathed. The first successful attack you make in any combat with a sword drawn from this scabbard deals an extra 10 Slashing damage. You must re-sheath the sword and draw it again to regain this bonus, which is a full Action

Contract Cube: 999g, this iron cube is 6 inches across and covered in demonic writing. Whilst holding it to your ear, you think you can hear a faint beating sound emanating from within. Depressing the button on the cube causes it to produce a small scroll containing a contract of assassination, naming one target without explanation. If this target is killed, or dies by any means, the cube will bring you great wealth. If you fail to kill the target, the cube is reputed to curse its owner in some dire way. There appears to be no limit to how often the cube may be used

Treasure Map of Seven Sins: 50g, this small scroll gives numerous hints and rumors on where to find all seven legendary pieces of the Armor of Seven Sins, a set of armor made by Raskan monks hundreds of years ago reputed to grant great advantages to its wearer

Monk Headband: 100g, a cloth headband that provides no defensive benefit, but when its wearer rolls a 1 for damage on any roll, they may immediately re-roll and take the second result

Swiftfoot Boots: 165g, when wearing these green-colored boots your Movement Speed increases by 10 ft.

Gregory Hunter’s Dwarf Plate: 39g, whatever food is placed on this plate doubles in size