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Notable Locations

1. Inn of the Obedient Reindeer

Standard lodgings: 1g per person per night (private room)
Country breakfast: 1g per person
Rustic country dinner with fresh, local vegetables and roasted game: 2g per person
Small bag of venison jerky: 3g

A selection of local wines and ales is available

Stables: free with a stay, otherwise 1g per animal per night

2. The private estate of Lord Otho of Rath

3. Aquarine Shipping

Transport to Holsworthy or the North Shore: 3g per person
Transport to the Eastern or Southern Shore: 1g per person

We sell a variety of fresh and cooked seafood, fish and local delicacies from the Aquarine Sea

4. Central Market

Bedroll: 5g, a sheepskin bedroll. Water resistant

Fishing Tackle: 2g, Advantage for catching fish

Rope: 9g, 100 metres of coiled rope

Rations: 2g per person, per day. A selection of pre-packed dried fruits, meats and grains

Skeleton Keys: 25g, a key chain with multiple types of ‘skeleton keys’ that grants Advantage on any roll taken to defeat most basic locks. Will not defeat high-security devices or magical locks

Potion of Healing: 25g, restores 2d4+2 HP

Potion of Panacea: 68g, restores 4d4 HP to every living creature within 5 yards

Magmatic Elixir: 150g, a viscous potion in a clear glass bottle. It is uncomfortably hot to hold, and glows a faint orange in darkness. When you drink this potion, make a DC 14 Fortitude (Constitution) Saving Throw. If you fail the save, you painfully vomit the substance, and suffer 2d6 fire damage. Otherwise, you gain the ability to breathe fire for one hour as a Bonus Action. Breathing on enemies deals 2d6 + Your Level fire in damage to foes in a 15 yard cone, and ignites flammable objects

Potion of Sudden Translocation: 48g, inside this strangely shaped vial swirls a blackish purple liquid. When used it will randomly and instantly teleport the user to a free spot up to 50 feet away. This includes through walls, into pits and between floors. However the potion will not work if you are otherwise prevented from teleporting either by Dimensional shackles or other by means

First Aid Kit: 25g, a selection of dressings, ointments and surgical tools that grant Advantage on a single Medicine check

Tome of Understanding: 10g, a typical Tome of Understanding contains a sober, if dry analysis of legal battles, historic events, government policies, philosophical treatises and theories of magic and metaphysics. Grants Advantage to History checks. One use only

Ring of Sustenance: 198g, the wearer of this ring no longer requires water or food, as long as the ring is worn, but must still sleep

5. Freya Hamilton, Blacksmith & Cartwright

Bronze Tower Shield: 80g, a tower shield of bronze, cast into the likeness of a chimera’s heads and enamelled to provide the appropriate colors. +3 AC, Stealth Disadvantage

Buckler Shield of Friendship: 80g, this buckler has been enchanted with the power to protect you and your allies. +1 AC. When used, grants an additional +1 AC to all nearby allies. You must finish a Long Rest before you can use this again

Sharkskin Armour: 44g, studded leather armor made from sharkskin set with iron disks. +1 AC

Electrum Bracers: 25g, an archer’s bracer of leather and electrum

Hidden Blade Bracer: 66g, a concealed punching dagger-bracer that can be hidden in the bracer. 1d6 Piercing, Finesse. x2/19-20 Critical. When you attack and hit a creature that is surprised by with this dagger, the target takes an extra 2d4 damage from your attack

Shuriken: 12g, a leather string holding 11 silver shuriken. 2d4 Piercing damage

Small Cart: 180g, seats two and can be pulled by a single horse

Small Wagon: 333g, room for a team of two horses and has a covered rear compartment that seats up to four besides the driver

6. Temple of Daylas

7. Catalina Saanvi’s School of Corsladan Cooking

8. Town Hall

9. Aquarine Theatre & Arena

Event tickets: 5g (2g for seniors and children)

Moonday: debating competition. Prizes for the winning entrant or team
Tillday: lectures on advanced fishing practices by Master Fisher Geoffrey Brockett, plus a display of the town’s biggest fresh-caught fish on this day
Market Day: comedy night, suitable for all ages. Clowns and games
Truth’s Day: performances of classical tragedy and epic poetry
Feastday: no events
Maiden’s Day: battle royale, a free-for-all combat performed under magical protection. Prizes for the last person standing
Last Day: jousting