1. Docks

Mooring fee: 5g per gross ton per vessel per day

Rath, Northfrost, Strait’s Sentinel, Four Cities, Caer Celador: 2g
Three Streams, Grayford Farthing, Aramoor Ridge, Dry Gulch, Tide’s Bastion: 5g
Valande, Lanthrel, Farth, Berton Vere, Livohka, Sandy Shores, Holmfirth, Anminster, Bastow, Wolfpine: 10g
Tropica, Barazar, Wildgrass, Corslada, Windward, Artaglundir, Karankhaz, Squall’s End: 20g

For other destinations, please enquire

2. Palace of the Duke of Farwater

3. Inn of the Dwarven Pint

Cold bath: free
Hot bath: 1g, clean towel provided

Average lodgings: 2g per person per night (private room), 1g per person per night (dormitory)
Superior suite: 10g (sleeps up to six people)
Buffet breakfast: 1g per person, all you can eat
Buffet lunch: 1g per person, all you can eat

4. The Intelligent Blossom

Potion of Minor Healing: 5g. Restores 1d4+2 HP as a Bonus Action
Potion of Healing: 20g. Restores 2d4+2 HP
Potion of Thorough Rejuvenation: 50g. Restores 4d4+4 HP and cleanses most diseases
Potion of Swift Recovery: 100g. Restores the use of one expended Spell Slot up to Level 6
Oil of Transparency: 15g. When applied, turns most materials transparent for up to an hour

Level 1 Spell Scrolls: 60g
Level 2 Spell Scrolls: 120g
Level 3 Spell Scrolls: 200g
Level 4 Spell Scrolls: 320g
Level 5 Spell Scrolls: 500g
Level 6 Spell Scrolls: 640g

Angel Darts: 10g each. If a target is whispered to the dart it may be thrown into the air, where it will fly to the target and hit it without error, regardless of distance or obstacles. The tiny dart causes no damage itself, but the target is aware of having been struck by something
Engraving Quill: 35g. This magical quill can engrave messages onto almost any surface or substance
Hat of Catching: 100g. The wearer of this magical hat can, as a Reaction, attempt to deflect one incoming spell or ranged attack into the hat (DC15 Spell Attribute check). If successful, the attack is absorbed. The wearer can then choose to unleash the spell as an Action at any time. Only one attack may be stored at a time

5. The Winking Blade

Orcish Doubleaxe of Slowing: 78g. 2d4+4 Slashing, x2 Critical. Reduces target movement by 10 feet for one Turn
Steel Scimitar: 43g. 1d10+2 Slashing, x2 Critical
Steel Mace: 43g. 1d8+4 Bludgeoning, x2 Critical.
Sunburst Shield: 120g. 0 AC. When the bearer is critically hit, burns all nearby enemies for 2d10 damage
Deflector Shield: 220g. +1 AC
Shifter’s Sorrow: 530g. Halberd, 2d10 Slashing, 19-20/x2 Critical. Deals an extra 3d6 vs Shapeshifters
All-Seasons Scabbard: 100g. As long as a sword is kept in this scabbard, the wearer suffers no ill effects from extreme weather
Cursed Masterwork Rapier: 33g. 2d10/2d12 Piercing, x2/18-20 Critical. If the weapon misses its target, half the damage is dealt to a random nearby ally

6. Lattetude

Tea: 1g
Coffee: 1g. Flavours: vanilla, cocoa, almond-caramel.
Luxury coffee: 5g. Flavours: figs, Corsladan coconut, cherry. Grants Advantage on one check for 30 minutes.

7. Farwater Tradepost

A selection of adventuring items, tools, instruments, reagents and raw materials is on offer

8. The Rampant Lions Guild