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Shops & Services

Kaiat Koldu Amphitheatre

Rewards for Imperial Marks


  • Potion of Healing: Restores 2d4+10 HP
  • Bag of small, extremely bouncy rubber balls
  • Several bars of high-quality scented soap
  • A box of perfumed candles with different scents and sizes
  • Antique but functional fishing rod, complete with box of tackle and line
  • Razorice Powder: When applied to a weapon’s edge, deals 1d8 extra frost damage per hit for 24 hours
  • Firestone: Bursts into flame, upon striking a hard object, dealing 2d6 fire damage within 10 yards
  • Rod of Confetti or Rod of Glitter: Shoots out confetti or glitter as the Fireball spell
  • Pouch of fine tobacco


  • Collapsible 10-foot pole
  • Instant Rope: A large waterskin bladder filled with a pudding-like blue substance that hardens into a high-quality rope up to 300 ft. long, one minute after being exposed to air, and then disintegrates into a fine powder 2 hours later
  • Fine perfume or cologne
  • Gloves of Prestidigicupcake: Produces 1d4 colorful frosted cupcakes that restore 2 HP
  • A thick, heavy blanket covered in beautiful embroidered decoration
  • Large, highly polished metal mirror
  • Harp, lute, drums or flute
  • A chess set using mini gelatinous cubes and black puddings as the opposing pieces


  • Staffsword: A fine oak walking stick with a concealed sword, that can be activated as a Bonus Action. 1d8+2 Piercing damage
  • Crystal decanter of fine brandy
  • Sapphire earrings
  • Sack of fine tobacco
  • Small figurine of a dragon, carved in pure silver
  • Sturdy and well-made spiked mountaineering shoes. Grants Advantage on checks made to cross uneven surfaces
  • Ticket to dinner for four at any capital restaurant, theatre or other such establishment
  • Vial of strong acid. Can dissolve many substances. Deals 4d4 damage per Turn for up to 10 Turns on contact
  • Tattoo equipment, and Reynaud the Stranger’s Compendium of Tattoo Patterns


  • Property deeds to various small ruined buildings throughout the Empire. Land/ground rent not included
  • Ticket for a free consultation with any capital lawyer, architect, researcher, accomptant, realtor or procurator
  • Portable Gnome Chef: This magical item is a portable hole containing a Gnome Chef living inside that cooks for you. After four meals, you must provide new ingredients
  • Small wagon
  • Marvelous Pigments: 4 pots inside a fine wooden box with a brush. These pigments allow you to create three-dimensional objects by painting them in two dimensions. The paint flows from the brush to form the desired object as you concentrate on its image. Each pot of paint is sufficient to cover 1,000 square feet of a surface, which lets you create inanimate objects or terrain features—such as a door, a pit, flowers, trees, cells, rooms, or weapons—that are up to 10,000 cubic feet. When you complete the painting, the object or terrain feature depicted becomes a real, nonmagical object. Thus, painting a door on a wall creates an actual door that can be opened to whatever is beyond. Painting a pit on a floor creates a real pit. Nothing created by the pigments can have a value greater than 25 gp. If you paint an object of greater value (such as a diamond or a pile of gold), the object looks authentic, but close inspection reveals it is made from paste, bone, or some other worthless material. If you paint a form of energy such as fire or lightning, the energy appears but dissipates as soon as you complete the painting, doing no harm to anything.


  • Property deeds to various small plots of land throughout the Empire
  • Admittance to the Atlas Drake Military Academy
  • Admittance to the Chamber of Commerce
  • Ingot of adamantite

1000 MARKS

  • Property deeds to various medium size buildings throughout the Empire, with land
  • Brick of tychoaster
  • Ingot of luminous moonsteel

5000 MARKS

  • Property deeds to various businesses throughout the Empire, with land
  • Title of Minor Nobility

Kaiat Carts

Small Cart: 180g, uncovered, seats two with some storage space, and can be pulled by a single horse

Small Wagon: 333g, room for a team of two horses and has a covered rear compartment that seats up to two besides the driver

Noble Carriage: 858g, room for two teams of two horses and has a luxury rear compartment complete with storage, and a folding step on either side, that seats four people in comfort besides the driver

Convoy Wagon: 1,555g, a very large, sturdy wagon, partly armored, meant to be pulled by two teams of four horses over long distances. Has space for the driver and up to two guards riding pillion. Large amounts of storage space

Zephora Daubernoun’s People Hire

Provides staff, such as laborers, messengers, painters, cooks, maids, musicians and virtually all other non-military employees, on a daily or weekly basis. Prices available on request

Joshua Coggeshall’s Howse of Bawdry and Fool’shness

Female “Services”: 85g
Male “Services”: 40g

Bed down under the common-room tables: 1g
Standard room: 5g

Pipe of Angel Leaf: 9g, Disadvantage on all checks for 1d4 hours, medium addictiveness
Other substances may be available on request

Meads, wines and ales: 5-10g
Oak-smoked steak with fresh vegetables: 15g

Gambling games available: Scores, Crown & Anchor, Chance

The Grey Company

World-famous mercenary brokers offering the hire of experienced mercenaries for campaigns of all kinds. Prices available on request

Mercenary jobs are available for those with a significant enough reputation. Lucrative rates of pay!

Lady Elizabeth Cavell, Grandmaster Jeweller

Black Pearl: 500g, a dark blue-black Pearl

48-faceted Garnet: 12,950g, garnet is a general class of crystals ranging from deep red to violet in colour. A typical cut for this rare isometric gem is 12 to 24 sides, with the very rare 36 sides being known from time to time. This will be one of only a handful of 48-sided garnet in existence, and as such it is highly prized

Agni Mani Necklace: 20g, a black tektite and silver necklace patterened with Agni Mani, one of the symbols of the Mataku tribes. These ornamental stones were usually found in desert regions and are highly prized by tribesmen

Amethyst Drinking Cup: 100g, an ornate cup fashioned out of a deep purple amethyst. This material prevents intoxication

Pixie Chess Set: 150g, a large, boxed chess set. All the pieces are tiny, detailed artworks of pixies somehow sealed within glass

Gold Crown: 7500g, a jeweled gold crown of superb quality

Sun Gem: 230g, this round and polished stone glows with a fierce light and seems to dispel the shadows around you, in the same way as a bright torch

Silver Halo of Fryssenia: 2000g, a small silver ring shaped from the dagger of Fryssenia, a legendary Rathan spy and rogue from ages past. Grants Advantage on Dexterity checks while worn. For one minute, you can slip between dimensions. You can choose to be invisible, ghostly or fully real. You can move through objects and creatures at will, and can still affect the material world. Once you use this item, you must finish a Long Rest before you can use it again

Sunrise Street Massage & Spa

Full-body massage: 15g (additionally has the effects of a Long Rest)

Luxurious spa treatment, scents and skincare: 15g

Sauna relaxation: 5g

Note to all patrons: this establishment does not tolerate the solicitation of “happy endings”.

Capital Companions


Valandan Retriever: 18g, a golden-coated, fluffy, floppy-eared breed
Siriathan Mountain Shepherd: 33g, a lean and agile mountain breed with a pure white fur
Corsladan Corgi: 15g, a tiny, friendly breed of island short-hairs


Caran Ragdoll: 292g, a rare, silky-coated breed with pure icy-blue eyes
Celsinese: 35g, hairless except for soft down, an intelligent and adventurous breed
Mataku Rex: a desert cat whose coat is banded with different colors


Baby Elasmosaurus: 980g, a tiny water-borne dinosaur that can grow to Gargantuan
Rabbit: 8g
Tropican Parrot: 22g, intelligent and able to speak some Common
Constrictor Snake: 98g
Baby Flumph: 2295g, a creature that floats and uses jets to propel itself through air
Chimera Cub: 6680g

Christina Sulyard’s Fine Clothes

Fine Shirt: 3g
Fine White Robes: 8g
Fine White Dress: 10g
Cotton Socks/Undergarments: 2g
Cotton Vest: 2g
Hooded Travel Cloak, Wool: 15g
Dashing Cape: 10g
Leather Gloves: 5g
Chef’s Apron: 3g
Chef’s Hat: 2g

Slippers of the Dancer: 80g, when you wear these beautiful light shoes you gain Advantage on all Performance checks related to dancing. You also gain Advantage on all Acrobatics checks

Shadowstrike Fistwraps: 199g, a pair of dark, almost insubstantial gloves. Grants Advantage on any attack rolls made wearing these gloves as long as both you and your target are standing in dim light or darkness. Additionally, you can attempt to Hide as a Bonus Action

: silver, red, black, blue, green, pale yellow, pink or combinations thereof, 2g per color

Grimpepper Wands

Wand of Noxious Blasting: 88g, 2d6+2 Poison damage, x2 Critical

Wand of Swan Boat: 190g, 1d4 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. As an Action you summon a 50 ft. long and 20 ft. wide boat shaped like a swan. The wand disappears. The boat is self-propelled, heads in a direction of your choice and moves at 6 miles per hour. The boat can carry up to 32 Medium creatures. A Large creature takes up 4 of these spaces, a Huge creature takes up 8. The boat remains for 24 hours unless destroyed or dismissed

Wand of Arcane Blast: 145g, 1d6 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. Each consecutive successful wand strike deals an additional 4 damage, until the streak is broken by a Miss or Critical Failure. For example, the second hit deals 1d6+4, the third deals 1d6+8, the fourth deals 1d6+12, the fifth deals 1d6+16, and so on. This streak can continue indefinitely

Wand of Secrets: 25g, 1d4 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. While holding this wand, you can use an Action to expend 1 of its charges, and if a secret door or trap is within 30 feet of you, the wand pulses in your hand. 3 Charges

Wand of Spydric Tide: 319g, 1d8 Arcane damage, x2 Critical. As an Action you point this wand at a target creature or object. The wand disintegrates, unleashing an immense tide of tiny arachnids. Roll 8d8 and multiply the result by 1000. This number of tiny arachnids swarms the target for the next Turn. If the target is a creature, it takes 8d8 Poison damage and is completely unable to act for the following Turn until the arachnids disperse

Wand of Arcane Mastery: 4699g, 2d12 Fire damage, 19-20/x2 Critical. while this wand is equipped and in hand, you can choose to cast any spell as a Bonus Action instead of an Action. You may do this only once per Turn

C’est Cheese

Wheldrake Blue Cheese: 6g, restores 10 HP. Grants Disadvantage on all Charisma-based checks for one hour

Silmithrie Cheddar: 1g

Red Lanthrel: 10g, removes the effects of most standard Poisons when consumed

Smoked Cheddar: 2g, does not spoil. Contains enough energy to replace one full day’s rations

Salted crackers: 1g

Fresh bread with freshly-churned Three Streams butter: 2g

Maple Tree Trail Inn & Gastronomy Experience

Luxury Room: 9g
Honeymoon Suite: 18g, with champagne and chocolates
Penthouse Suite: 25g
Royal Suite: 235g

Fine dining every evening using the rarest ingredients imported from all over the world. Join us on a 10-course gastronomy experience for just 110g per diner. Sample menu:

Grell tentacle soup
Mushroom soil, served floating over a bed of condensed dwarf pipe smoke
Pineapple-tinged Gelatinous Cube gel
Smoked Beholder steak with artichokes and water cress
Four Cities snail porridge
Girallon meatballs with black sesame drops, seaweed crisps
Slow-baked crispy skin Dragon wing in orange
Yuan-ti dust with vanilla flavorings
Sha-ral mountain chocolate, beetroot and gold flakes
Crab ice cream

Maple Tree Trail Post & Parcels

Message & Letter Delivery

Within Rath City: 1g (same-day service), 2g (same-hour service)
Up to 200 miles: 2g (standard service), 8g (by hawk relay)
Up to 500 miles: 3g (standard service), 15g (by hawk relay)
Up to 1000 miles: 5g (standard service), 50g (by hawk relay or fast packet ship)
Up to 2000 miles: 10g (standard service), 250g (by hawk or fast packet ship)
Over 2000 miles: 20g (standard service), 1000g (magical transportation)

Transport of parcels and small objects costs double and triple the above rates, for slow and fast service, respectively.

Transnational Magus Bank

Serving the financial needs of spellcasters, divine worshippers and their staff for over a century. Other members are also welcomed.

Personal Storage Vaults up to 50 slots. Prices on request

Personal, Property & Business Loans, up to 35,000g, secured and unsecured, and property mortgages up to 300,000g, Average interest rate is 4.0%.

Personal Account for gold storage.

Insurance against personal injury, or for business ventures

The Baby Jug Alchemy

Potion of Mind Reading: 100g, when you drink this potion you gain the effect of the Detect Thoughts spell

Potion of Gaseous Form: 100g, when you drink this potion you gain the effect of the Gaseous Form spell for one hour

Potion of Lesser Invulnerability: 100g, when consuming this potion you have Resistance to all forms of damage for 1d4 Turns

Elixir of Greater Healing: 75g, restores 4d4+4 HP

Elixir of Superior Healing: 145g, restores 8d4+8 HP

Hair Me Out

Men’s Haircut: 5g
With Shave: 8g

Ladies’ Haircut: 8g

Dye job: 3g (various colors available)

Hot Wash & Scalp Massage: 1g

Gnohr Avenue Moneychangers

1 Imperial Gold = 1.85 Spellbinder Astrals
1 Imperial Gold = 1.79 Corsladan Sovereign Doubloons
1 Imperial Gold = 1.12 Valande Royal Eagles
1 Imperial Gold = 0.50 Khollukhand Riyal
1 Imperial Gold = 0.46 Sha-ral Aureus
1 Imperial Gold = 0.25 Imperial Marks

Faith’s Bar

Hankala Twist: 8g, a mix of bubbly water, lime juice, whisky, cherries and Corsladan rum
Old Celadorian: 8g, a mix of sparkling wine, aged vermouth and pear juice
Vale of Winter: 8g, iced coffee with the purest Wintervale vodka, and fresh milk

Broken Pathway Inn

Single Room: 3g
Double Room: 5g
Luxury Room: 10g

Hot Bath: 1g

A selection of hot meals is on offer each evening from 2g per person.

Sir James Letterford, Leatherworker

Troll-Rubber Boots: 290g, +1 AC. These boots give a +1 bonus to all Stealth checks

Smoldering Cloak: 2250g, +1 AC. A black and crimson cloak with tattered edges that are ever-glowing as it were on fire on moments ago. If an attack would strike you in combat, you may use a Reaction to become a cloud of thick, black smoke, avoiding the attack, and may move up to 15 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity. You must complete a Long Rest before using this ability again

Sharkskin Armor: 44g, +1 AC. Studded leather armor made from sharkskin set with iron disks

Ringmail of Three Wishes: 785g, +4 AC.  This armor is Leather Armor with heavy rings sewn into it. The rings help reinforce the armor against blows from swords and axes. Three rings across the chest are made of brilliant gold that sheds dim light similar to daybreak. When you are hit by an Attack while wearing this armor, you can use your Reaction to wish that you hadn’t been hit. The attack deals no damage, but the AC provided by the armor decreases by 1. After the third wish, the armor’s rings vanish and it becomes non-magical leather armor

Knife Vest: 90g, a finely-made leather undervest that holds up to 12 hidden daggers. A pat-down or simple search will not reveal the daggers due to the thickness of the weave