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Notable Locations

Elfhome is the elves’ embassy and the home of the elves’ official representative to Rath, a leafy island of trees and natural hardwoods that forms an elven sanctuary in the heart of the busy capital.

The Scales of Justice is the guild that represents the Judges, Arbiters and other Court functionaries of the Empire.

Beadweird’s Circus & Market is the home of everything bizarre in Rath, from delightful carnival exhibitions and displays of magic, to stores where one can purchase the strange and exotic.

The First Bank of Corslada is a branch of Corslada’s national bank, which provides loans and other financial services to Corsladan citizens and those who do business with them.

The Estate of Marcus Sura is a large, walled private estate in a quiet area of Trither Valley. Its owner, Marcus Sura, is reputed to be the richest man in the Empire, if not the world.

The Grand Temple of Daylas is the largest and most prestigious temple dedicated to Daylas in the Empire.

A giant statue of Celsus the Protector, Rath’s first Emperor, stands proudly in one corner of Trither Valley.

The docks and warehouses of Rath witness enormous quantities of goods and passengers enter the city on a daily basis.

Caibre’s Eternal Forge is a fire of some arcane quality that has stood since the earliest days of Rath. The finest magical weapons and armor are made here.

The College of Heralds is the Guild responsible for training and licensing the Heralds and Banner-bearers of the Empire.


Aveline Earnest, Healer

Most wounds, pains and illnesses treated. Price varies based on diagnosis

Spirit of Hartshorn: 20g, 2 charges. Wakes most people from sleep and unconsciousness when smelled/inhaled
Minor healing kit: 20g, restores 2d4 HP and cures minor diseases
Trauma kit: 50g, restores 4d6 HP and cures most diseases

Beadweird’s Circus & Market

Circus tickets just 2g (1g for children and elders!) Line up to see the capital’s weirdbeadest show every evening!

Bakery: cheese boule 3g, wholegrain roll 1g, white baguette 1g
Meat market: cooked or raw lamb chops, steak slices, chicken chunks and wings, bacon and much more, 2g per piece
Vegetables: fried, baked or raw carrots, potatoes, turnips, peas, corn, beans, lettuce, spinach, 1g per portion
Winery: Valandan Red 5g (glass), 25g (bottle), Carda Hill White 4g (glass), 20g (bottle)
Popped corn with melted butter or sticky toffee sauce: 2g
Candied apples: 1g

Blacksmith of Bartly the Dragonheart

Wide View Helm: 111g, 0 AC, +1 to all Perception-based checks
Fine Chainmail Vest: 166g, +1 AC, -1 to all Dexterity-based checks
Fine Plate Cuirass: 200g, +2 AC, -2 to all Dexterity-based checks
Brass Sword Chain: 43g, all disarm effects’ duration reduced by 25% when applied to a weapon
Steel Sword Chain: 192g, all disarm effects’ duration reduced by 25% when applied to a weapon
Titanium Sword Chain: 378g, all disarm effects’ duration reduced by 75% when applied to a weapon
Various dark, demonic armor engravings: 50g, grants +1 to all Intimidation checks while worn (does not stack)
Brass Armor Spikes: 65g, deals 1d4 damage per Turn, per opponent, if you are Grappled
Steel Armor Spikes: 98g, deals 1d8 damage per Turn, per opponent, if you are Grappled
Titanium Armor Spikes: 200g, deals 2d6+2 damage per Turn, per opponent, if you are Grappled

Caibre’s Eternal Forge


Dwarven Waraxe: 55g, 1d10+1 Bludgeoning, x2 Critical
Adamantine Dagger: 740g, 3d3+3 Piercing, x3 Critical, +1 to Hit
Adamantine Greataxe: 1200g, 3d8+2 Bludgeoning, x2 Critical, +1 to Hit
Adamantine Greatsword: 1200g, 3d8+2 Slashing, x2 Critical, +1 to Hit
Adamantine Longbow: 988g, 2d12 Piercing, x4 Critical, Reach (100 ft.)
Adamantine Longsword: 988g, 2d6/2d8 Piercing, x2/16-20 Critical, +1 to Hit
Fine Dagger: 33g, 2d3 Piercing, x3 Critical
Fine Greataxe: 190g, 2d8+1 Bludgeoning, x2 Critical
Fine Greatsword: 190g, 2d8+1 Slashing, x2 Critical
Fine Longbow: 190g, 1d8 Piercing, x3 Critical, Reach (100 ft.)
Fine Longsword: 92g, 1d6/1d8 Piercing, x2/17-20 Critical
Fine Lance: 40g, 1d8 Piercing, x2 Critical, Reach (10 ft.), x2 damage while mounted
Masterwork Dagger: 178g, 2d3 Piercing, x4/19-20 Critical
Masterwork Greataxe: 411g, 2d8+4 Bludgeoning, x3 Critical
Masterwork Greatsword: 411g, 2d8+4 Slashing, x3 Critical
Masterwork Lance: 85g, 1d10+2 Piercing, x3 Critical, Reach (10 ft.), x2 damage while mounted
Masterwork Longbow: 353g, 1d12 Piercing, x3 Critical, Reach (100 ft.)
Masterwork Longsword: 353g, 1d10/1d12 Piercing, x2/19-20 Critical
Siangham: 375g, 1d4+1 Piercing, x8/15-20 Critical
Silver Crossbow: 469g, 1d12+2 Piercing, x3 damage vs undead, x2/19-20 Critical, Reach (120 ft.)
Silver Dagger: 208g, 2d3 Piercing, x3 damage vs undead, x4 Critical
Silver Falchion: 553g, 2d6 Slashing, x3 damage vs undead, x2/17-20 Critical
Silver Halberd: 1640g, 2d10+2 Bludgeoning, x3 damage vs undead, x2 Critical

Custom craftsmanship starts at a minimum of 1000g for design & labor, plus the costs of acquiring whatever magic and materials are required.

Cleanliness & Godliness Laundry

Laundry: 1g per item
Minor alterations & repairs: 2g per item


Mooring fee: 10g per gross ton per vessel per day

Farwater, Northfrost, Strait’s Sentinel, Four Cities, Caer Celador: 5g
Three Streams, Grayford Farthing, Aramoor Ridge, Dry Gulch, Tide’s Bastion: 10g
Valande, Lanthrel, Farth, Berton Vere, Livohka, Sandy Shores, Holmfirth, Anminster, Bastow, Wolfpine: 20g
Tropica, Barazar, Wildgrass, Corslada, Windward, Artaglundir, Karankhaz, Squall’s End: 30g

For other destinations, please enquire

Edelinne Guence, Fine Clothier

Fine Shirt/Blouson: 4g
Fine White Robes: 9g
Fine White Dress, A-Line: 11g
Fine White Dress, Backless: 11g
Fine White Empire Gown: 20g
Cotton Socks/Undergarments: 2g
Cotton Vest: 2g
Brassiere, copper underwire: 29g
Sapphire Gloves: 30g. Fine silk gloves. Grants 2d4 temporary HP. 3 charges
Amethyst Gloves: 30g. Fine silk gloves. Grants the ability to cast a Cantrip as a Bonus Action. 3 charges
Emerald Gloves: 30g. Fine silk gloves. Smites an enemy within 15 feet for 2d4 damage as an Action. 3 charges
Robe of Repulsion: 76g. As an Action, the wearer of this robe may force all nearby enemies to retreat 10 feet
Leggings of the Visionary: 80g. The bearer of these leggings does an additional 2 elemental damage with any spell, based on the color of the bearer’s eyes: (amber: lightning, black: necrotic, blue: cold, brown: acid, green: force, gray: thunder, hazel: poison, purple: psychic, red: fire, white: radiant).
Bonded Dresses: 350g. A pair of dresses, the wearers of which always know the location of the other

Dyes: gilt, crimson, black, teal, lilac, cognac, viridian or combinations thereof, 3g per color

Ferand & Ferand, Exterminators

Most pest problems dealt with quickly! All blood and remnants cleaned up as part of our fee!

1-10 pests: 10g
11-30 pests: 30g
30+ pests: 50g

Special exterminations: price on request

First Bank of Corslada

All services are limited to citizens of Corslada, or those connected to Corslada, or who wish to invest or do business there.

Personal, Property & Business Loans, up to 20,000g, secured and unsecured, and property mortgages up to 200,000g, Average interest rate is 2.5%.

Personal Account for gold storage.

Insurance against personal injury, or for business ventures.

Guild of Messengers

Message & Letter Delivery

Within Rath: 1g (same-day service), 2g (same-hour service)
Up to 200 miles: 2g (standard service), 8g (by hawk relay)
Up to 500 miles: 3g (standard service), 15g (by hawk relay)
Up to 1000 miles: 5g (standard service), 50g (by hawk relay or fast packet ship)
Up to 2000 miles: 10g (standard service), 250g (by hawk or fast packet ship)
Over 2000 miles: 20g (standard service), 1000g (magical transportation)

Transport of parcels and small objects costs double and triple the above rates, for slow and fast service, respectively.

Hamlin Shipyard

Kayaks: 75g
4-person boat: 233g
Longboat: 580g
Bireme: 700g
Small caravel, 2-masted: 3166g
Merchantman, 3-masted: 10905g
Barquentine: 15333g
Full-rigged galleon: 45491g

Custom ship design and construction is available on consultation.

Junius Thomas Jarvest, Master Alchemist

Potion of Growth: 20g. Makes the user double in size for 1d4 hours
Potion of Shrinking: 20g. Makes the user halve in size for 1d4 hours
Potion of Toughness: 40g. Gives 1d8+2 temporary health when drank
Potion of Peace: 50g. Makes the user very calm and unable to harm others
Potion of Invigoration: 15g. Gives an erection lasting 2d4 hours
Potion of Alacrity: 190g. Makes the user’s speed double for 1d4 hours

Level 1 Spell Scrolls: 60g
Level 2 Spell Scrolls: 120g
Level 3 Spell Scrolls: 200g
Level 4 Spell Scrolls: 320g

Nicholaus Baswin, Spice & Grain Merchant

Basil, bay leaf, pepper, garlic, cardamom, rock salt, fennel, ginger, onion, paprika: 20g per pouch
Saffron: 195g per vial
Amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn, farro, millet, oats, wheat: 18g per sack
Quinoa, wild rice, rye, spelt: 30g per sack

Percyvell & Garit Construction

Licensed building construction starting from 1500g per room

Building jobs available.

Public Baths

Cold bath: free
Hot bath: 1g, clean towel provided
Steam room: 1g per hour

Sparks’ Secure Storage

Small storage box: 1g per week
Large storage box: 5g per week
Medium chest: 20g per week
Large chest: 55g per week

Silverwing Inn

Superior lodgings: 5g per person per night (private room)
Luxury suite: 20g per person per night, hot tub and private concierge included. Sleeps up to 6
Breakfast: 4g per person
Evening meals: 10g per person

24-hour room service is available. Surcharge: 1g per delivery

The Broken Cartwheel

Average lodgings: 2g per person per night (private room), 1g per person per night (dormitory)
Buffet breakfast: 2g per person, all you can eat

The Merchant & Princess

Average lodgings: 3g per person per night (private room)
Superior lodgings: 3g per person per night (private room)
Breakfast: 2g per person
Take-away lunch pack: 2g
Evening meals: 3g per person, one beverage included

Trither Stables

Sack of grain: 1g
Horse treats: 1g
Animal care: 4g per week
Veterinary care: varies


Mass storage of commodities is available; price on request