“Threaten this Empire, and you will know how it feels to face death” — Sasha

Sasha Nevah is an ever-vigilant protector against those that threaten the integrity of the Empire. Though questions surround some of her more controversial actions, Sasha has always represented the spirit of the Rathan people. To her, the well-being of the Empire surpasses all other considerations, even the law. Despite her youth, she has long been regarded as the best field agent of the Inquisitors in Western Rath, who are headquartered in the city of Farwater.

Standing six feet tall, she is renowned for her physical beauty, yet disliked for her acerbic wit and sharp tongue, which sometimes mask her intense, calculating intelligence. Those who know her say she’s always ten steps ahead of everyone else. Rumours abound that her desire to protect the Empire is driven by a deep-seated need for vengeance for some past wrong, but the truth of this is not known.