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Acanthus, Mayoress of Farth.

Adari Sevel, High Bibliognost of the Imperial Library in Celsus City.

Alys, the absent-minded yet talented wizard in charge of Berton Vere’s guild.

Athas Ekell, 21st Earl of Lanthrel.

Atrix Rove, a shadowy crime lord based in Caer Celador.

Bertram, Master Wizard of the Rath City Wizards’ Guild. Sometimes gets in trouble for his tendencies.

Devon, a middle-aged innkeeper in Farth.

Dinku, vendor of pickles, lover of men.

Edmund Clipsalt, the Mayor overseeing Berton Vere’s rise to prosperity.

Elin the Easy, innkeeper of Fit For A Lord in Berton Vere, whose name only refers to her nature. Ex-partner of Geoffrey Rancent.

Elwin Bussell, lead Councilman of Farwater and advisor to the Duke.

Gandis, a now-dead wizard caught between a rock and a hard place by Atrix Rove. Partner of Walher.

Geoffry Rancent, skilled chef and obese proprietor of the Anchor & Sail on Berton Vere’s docks. Caught cheating on Elin the Easy, causing bitterness between them.

Gillman, a priest of Shendrac.

Hallan, a traitor, or maybe not.

Illias Chaucey, an arrogant young noble from Lanthrel who fritters away the gold from his estates.

Khalil, also known as Tanith, a spy posing as a slave who travelled for a short time with Forsworn before disappearing. Wanted by Fletcher amongst many others for various crimes.

Lenwende, a socially awkward elf lady who manages alchemy and scrolls in Berton Vere’s Wizards’ Guild.

Luven, an Ald-wolf.

Mavis of Farth, Devon’s daughter.

Musa Khan, the feared leader of a slaving gang that kidnapped Forsworn.

Peter of Lanthrel, proprietor of the local armour emporium.

Radburn, an elderly war hero famed throughout the Empire for his loyalty.

Reichelaia Gardell, privileged daughter of Sarahlee Gardell, a rich merchant. Involved in getting Forsworn mixed up in a drugs transaction and subsequent trial.

Rosalyn, a buxom waitress in Lanthrel’s Swordsman’s Shack who had a disappointing sexual encounter with Markus.

Sarahlee Gardell, a merchant of some power and influence in Farwater.

Sasha Nevah, a high-ranking member of the Imperial Inquisition.

Talmond the Shield, head of the Lanthrel chapter of the Rampant Lions.

Tanika, a strange straw doll.

Tanith, a desert spy also known as Khalil, and several other names. Agenda unknown.

Thiellan, head of the Rath City chapter of the Rampant Lions and one of the guild’s highest-ranking officers. Has a pet lizard named Nigel who keeps her company.

Valdi Horgison, a dwarf lady who loves riding, men, women and wrestling.

Vencia, a Lanthrel merchant, who organizes the annual Carnival of Arts.

Vilas Otho, Eighth Baron of Aquarine. A veteran politician and Lord who rumors say has grown increasingly racist and xenophobic for reasons unknown.

Walher, Gandis’s widower. Kidnapped by Atrix Rove.

Wasim, a captive of the desert slavers who tried to reveal Forsworn’s plans for escape in return for more food and water. Executed by the slavers for his efforts.

Yusuf, second-in-command of Musa Khan’s slaving party.

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