Casual Work
You attempt to find work doing manual labour (Strength), giving basic advice or guidance to local businessmen (Intelligence), delivering parcels and letters (Dexterity), or some kind of performance such as street performance. singing or amateur theatre (Charisma). You may be rewarded with an income of gold or other resources, or encounter problems and complaints, depending on how well you carry out your work.
You scavenge resources to craft armor, weapons, books, chests, clothing, pots and pans, pouches or other small leather items, basic mirrors, tents, ropes, dice, disguises, musical instruments, basic household items, traps, trinkets, jewelry, potions, poisons, tools or other non-magical items over time and slowly make progress towards their completion. Party members can work together to hasten the progress of an item by providing different components.
Inscribing a Spell Scroll
You can transfer one known spell to a scroll, which can then be used by other untrained characters or sold for profit.
Planting Rumours
You attempt to plant rumours via gossip, drinking, persuasion or signage/notes, whether to accomplish a particular goal or just for your own entertainment.
You spend time listening to rumours, bribing locals with ale to loosen their lips, visiting libraries and poring over dusty tomes and scrolls to investigate a subject of particular interest to you. You may receive new information or lore if it exists and if your research is a success.
Running a Function
You can set up a festival, performance, tournament, ball, feast or other kind of gathering. You may charge for entry. You must publicize the event, hire staff, and take care of all the organization and resources required to make it a success, and may require the co-operation of other party members. You may be able to make a profit if you are successful.
Training Skills
You can begin training in “flavour” or role-playing skills such as a new language, brewing, carpentry, carving, cooking, fishing, horse riding, jewellery, music, painting, penmanship and tattooing. While these skills may not have numerical values attached, they will be tracked and may benefit you in the course of your adventures all the same, especially if you become proficient.