Alderwood (Uncommon Resource).

This wood is prized by elves for its lustre and hardness. For the same reasons, it is often carried by Trolls and Ogres.

Average Drop Chance: 93%.
Average Value: 1 gold 12 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore.
Source: Ogres, Trolls, Vendor.

Gloom Wood (Common Resource).

This wood’s name stems from a misunderstanding…

Average Value: 95 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore, Tinkering.
Source: Vendor.

Lakua Bark (Uncommon Resource).

This bark is curiously curved. It looks like it went through a rasp.

Average Drop Chance: 70%.
Average Value: 63 silver.
Professions: Arcana.
Source: Lakua, Dryads, Yuan-Ti.

Pinewood (Common Resource).

In another universe, many movies were filmed with this wood as the backdrop.

Average Value: 30 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore, Tinkering.
Source: Vendor.

Puzzlewood (Uncommon Resource).

It seems that the Emperor built himself a decadent palace with these puzzlewood boards. It also seems that you’ll believe anything.

Average Value: 1 gold 30 silver.
Professions: Imbuing.
Source: Vendor.