Aquamarine (Uncommon Resource).

This precious, slightly blue, transparent stone is so bright that it can hide the most ravine-like wrinkles when worn as a necklace.

Average Drop Chance: 38%.
Average Value: 3 gold 10 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore, Tailoring.
Source: Cracklers, Vendor.

Carnelian (Uncommon Resource).

This stone was named after a river in which great quantities of it used to be found. But times have changed and the intensive exploitation of the past now means it is difficult to find.

Average Drop Chance: 29%. Minimum Prospecting: 6.
Average Value: 4 gold 10 silver.
Professions: Tailoring.
Source: Cracklers, Vendor.

Hydrophane (Rare Resource).

This stone can free a powerful magic wave that will activate and open a magic door, if and only if it is combined with the three other missing stones.

Average Drop Chance: 16%. Minimum Prospecting: 14.
Average Value: 10 gold 20 silver.
Professions: Arcana, Tinkering.
Source: Cracklers, Humanoids. 

Polished Sunstone (Rare Resource).

This gem has been polished to a dazzling sheen. It is used to give armor and weapons a more luxurious appearance. Both Cracklers and Bandits are known to covet these rocks.

Average Drop Chance: 19%. Minimum Prospecting: 4.
Average Value: 6 gold 70 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore.
Source: Cracklers, Humanoids.

Star Rose Quartz (Rare Resource).

This humongous rock looks like  a shiny chunk of glass, but it is not. It’s a lot more than that!

Average Drop Chance: 16%. Minimum Prospecting: 6.
Average Value: 14 gold 20 silver.
Professions: Imbuing, Tinkering.
Source: Cracklers, Humanoids.

Topaz (Common Resource).

For some dubious reasons, the topaz is still the most popular jewel among the jewelers.

Average Drop Chance: 70%.
Average Value: 1 gold 20 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore.
Source: Cracklers, Vendor.