Basilisk Scale (Uncommon Resource).

Some say these scales make their owner sprout a third arm; others say they grant superpowers, or at least glow-in-the-dark powers. The truth is much more boring…

Average Drop Chance: 90%.
Average Value: 40 silver.
Professions: Arcana, Tinkering.
Source: Basilisks, Othelosks.

Crackler Egg (Uncommon Resource).

Cracklers are strange rock-like constructs that have decided to do battle with anything that does not resemble them. That means you.

Average Drop Chance: 70%.
Average Value: 1 gold 21 silver.
Professions: Tinkering.
Source: Cracklers.

Harpy Feather (Uncommon Resource).

Certain daring nobles pluck harpy feathers and use them to adorn their hats.

Average Drop Chance: 77%.
Average Value: 80 silver.
Professions: Tinkering.
Source: Harpies, Raptors.

Othelosk Blood (Uncommon Resource).

Helps with Arcana. Harvested from Othelosks. Does exactly what it says on the jar.

Average Drop Chance: 81%.
Average Value: 75 silver.
Professions: Arcana.
Source: Basilisks, Othelosks.

Vial of Aboleth Mucus (Rare Resource).

This pot contains some repulsive-smelling acid substance with an appalling taste. It is, however, useful for breaking down metals and ores. It can be found left over after Aboleths, Slimes, and Oozes are slain.

Average Drop Chance: 28%.
Average Value: 9 gold 64 silver.
Professions: Arms Lore.
Source: Underground Creatures.