A Peculiar Errand

A stranger dressed in blue approached Sylra and Sorriah in Rath. He paid them 200g to deliver a lockbox to Reichaleia Gardell in Farwater, at the Inn of the Dwarven Pint – without opening it. Once delivered, they are to return to the stranger at the Silverwing Inn in Rath to collect the other half of their reward.

The lockbox turned out to contain Bliss, an illegal drug that led to the arrest and trial of Forsworn.

Reward: 100g each

Child of the Catacombs: Rescue Nuzara
Find and rescue the child Nuzara from the Ancient Ruins near the Arid Spire, then escort her safely to the town of Pella’s Wish – if she’s still alive. Sirivistra, Guild Master of the Rampant Lions in the Arid Spire, has promised to reward you.

Cult of the Banished Phalanx: A Favor for Gaelos

Once, long ago, existed a Cult of necromantic arts known as the Banished Phalanx. You met a man called Bath’galaal (or Richard Whitewater), who was hiding in the Grand Temple of Shendrac. He claims to be hundreds of years old, and to have inhabited seven bodies. He has promised you vast, dark powers in return for more information on the cult and their prophecies.

Travel to meet Gaelos the Corruptor, in the forest north of Aquarine. Do whatever tasks he requires of you to gain access to his notes and research. Bring the information back to Bath’galaal for analysis.

Gaelos has transported you to a strange facility full of pipes and liquids. Whilst there, you have obtained Gaelos’s notes, at the expense of a poor soul trapped in the facility. You also found a strange crystal. You should seek to return these to Gaelos – somehow.

Cult of the Banished Phalanx: Analyzing the Research

Return Gaelos’s research to Bath’galaal, in the Grand Temple of Shendrac.

Cult of the Banished Phalanx: Making Contact

Bath’galaal, in the Grand Temple of Shendrac, has a theory that the Cult is working to bring about the lawful return of Necromancy to the Empire. He believes they are working and living in secret, fearful of the authorities. Bath’galaal has asked you to make contact with the Cult and discover more.

He suspects they’re hiding in the ancient ruins beneath the city of Artaglundir. Access to these ruins is restricted to high-ranking Imperial and Temple personnel, for unknown reasons.

Cursed Rapier

Adeline the Magician, in the Wizards’ Guild of Rath City, wants 50g and a date with a handsome young man in exchange for decursing the Cursed Masterwork Rapier. You must discover the origin of the curse. Perhaps its original owner – Yaritza Noel in Four Cities – will know more.

Yaritza Noel revealed that the rapier once belonged to a rich merchant, who used his power and influence to execute a young girl and her boyfriend because the girl refused to sleep with the merchant. Armed with this information, Adeline was able to decurse the rapier. In exchange, Markus gave the young dwarf her first ever kiss.

Expecto Potionum

You have executed Gaelos the Corruptor and extracted his heart…s. The wizard Bertram identified them as being from a Barghest, a type of shapeshifter.

Return to Junius Thomas Jarvest on or after the 21st of Midyear. He has offered to combine the Barghest hearts into a powerful flask, and share half with you.

You returned to Jarvest, and decided to steal both potions…

Ferlaith’s Library

Discover a way to access the sealed library and tomb of Ferlaith the Grand, a long-dead wizard. You may keep whatever is inside.

The library turned out to be empty, and Ferlaith a scammer. Nonetheless, his ghost still invaded Markus’s head for a few days before finally leaving.

Gem Transport

The Rampant Lions asked you to transport a valuable lockbox to Tassaria Glynvaris in the Arid Spire. On the way, you had to discourage a midnight robbery by pretending the box was filled with fragile explosives and you were prepared to set them off.

Reward: 100g each

Kord’s Foe

Discover the cause of a series of deformed births in Farwater, and put a stop to it. Then return to the Rampant Lions guild for your reward.

You met a couple in Farwater called Madra and Noah. Noah claims he had to smother his child to death because it had six arms and demonic features. Madra hasn’t spoken since. He said the only time Madra left Farwater, was to pray at a religious convent in the hills, a year ago.

The demon was raised by a strange, bitter summoner west of Farwater. He met his end when you convinced the demon you would free it. It enacted its revenge by slaughtering the summoner and taking him to the demon plane to suffer eternal damnation.

Murder Most Foul

Determine the cause of a string of grisly murders being conducted in Farwater. A minor noble, Squire Raflis Ilipetor, has reportedly been arrested for the crime. Report back to the Rampant Lions in Rath City.

Squire Ilipetor has been charged and found guilty of the murders, without your intervention. Whether he is truly guilty is not known, but the murders have certainly stopped since his arrest.

Reward: 10g each

Precious Stones of Four Cities: Expanding Our Business

Markus is now a part-owner of Trussell’s Precious Stones, in Four Cities. The owner, Adrian Trussell, has a problem. Tassaria Glynvaris is an elf based in the Arid Spire, who has a stranglehold on gem trade routes across the Khollukhand desert. She is unwilling to negotiate or give space for other traders.

Adrian has asked you to eliminate her by any means, either by removing her personally or putting her out of business permanently.

Reward: an additional 1% share of Adrian’s profits

Precious Stones of Four Cities: A Tropical Task

After much debate, Tassaria Glynvaris has agreed to give up just ONE of her ten trade routes across the Khollukhand desert. This may or may not be enough to satisfy Adrian’s demands, but it’s a start.

In return, she has asked you to go to Rath City, and somehow obtain information about the rival bidder who is keeping her from buying her dream home on the Corsladan island of Tropica. Property agents are likely to be involved, of which there are several based in Rath. The Imperial Tracts and Planning office may also have a property deed or contract on file, if you can get hold of it.

Martin Scrogs, a property dealer in Rath, has agreed to help you find out who the rival bidder is. Return to him for further instructions.

You returned the gem trading license to Adrian Trussell, who seemed satisfied for now. He also gave you more information on how to discourage the rival bidder.

Reward: control of an exclusive gem trading license in the Khollukhand desert

Precious Stones of Four Cities: A Bit of Theatre

You’ve discovered that Tassaria’s rival in the bidding war is Lady Radley, a rich merchant who wishes to destroy the property on the island of Tropica and mine whatever is underneath it.

Adrian Trussell informed you that certain veins of minerals have a “tainted” form that crumbles to dust – something that is only discovered when the ore is mined and made into finished products.

Martin Scrogs proposed a bit of theatre. He will hire a Corsladan sailor with the right skin tone and accent, and dress him up to pose as a mining expert who has inspected the property on Tropica and found the ore to be tainted.

Meanwhile, your friend Torendral Greatmantle has offered to get you a private audience with Lady Radley in two days.

If you convince Lady Radley that the ore is tainted and get her to cancel her interest in the property, Tassaria Glynvaris has agreed to pay you all of her legal fees.

After a dramatic performance in Lady Radley’s mansion, you finally convinced her to withdraw her interest in Tropica. Tassaria was delighted with your efforts.

Reward: 1392g

Unspeakable Crimes: An Audience With The Boss

You traded the Bliss back to Nash for a fraction of its worth – 400g. In return, he agreed to set you up with “the boss”. Nash instructed you to wait next to Daralon’s Hand, in Bayside, at midnight on the 3rd of Midyear. From there, you’ll be taken to meet the boss – who will judge whether you’re fit to work for him.

The boss – who called himself “The Politician” – instructed you to escort some Bliss to the town of North Warren. This Bliss was being transported inside Nina, a young girl whose family had been threatened to ensure her obedience.

You worked with Vala Nevah to produce an illusion of Nina, save the girl’s life, and deliver fake Bliss – flour – to the contact in North Warren. On your return to Rath, an agent of The Politician said you would be contacted with further instructions.

Reward: influence and favors from Adjunct Nevah

Unspeakable Crimes: An Introduction

Meet Vala Nevah at the Imperial Inquisitors in Trither Valley and hear her plea for help.

Unspeakable Crimes: Creating a Way In

Adjunct Vala Nevah has tasked you with cracking the illegal trade of Bliss and unmasking the identity of “Liberty”, the person at the head of the drugs trade. She asked you to break into Mauricio Nash’s home, near the docks in Trither Valley, and steal his supply of Bliss. You can then turn this against him – by providing him with his own Bliss to restore his supply, and pretending you know nothing about the theft. This way, you can get inside information in exchange.

You have obtained Mauricio Nash’s three sacks of Bliss. Adjunct Nevah has asked you to return to her by Feastday, 2nd of Midyear. At that time, you’ll approach Nash and trade his own Bliss back to him – for a favour.

You traded the Bliss back to Nash for a fraction of its worth – 400g. In return, he agreed to set you up with “the boss”, and consider Gregor’s offer of “muscle” for the crime syndicate.

Winds of the Desert: Evidence Gathering

The Empire can’t commit resources to defend against a threat that isn’t officially present. Obtain definitive proof of Mataku tribe forces secretly present in the Kholukkhand Desert, such as proof of their troops or their hidden supply caches. Then return to Commander Kazimir Gravehawk in the Arid Spire, who will take the next steps. He warned you that if you’re caught, no one will be coming to rescue you, as you’re not officially representing the Rathan Empire.

After a life-and-death battle with a demon, you managed to capture one tribesman and return him to Kazimir. Unfortunately, the captive suffered brain damage after a punch from Markus. Gregor sold a bucket of demon parts to the Commander, who accepted it as evidence of the conspiracy.

Fletcher walked into the desert on the trail of Khalil, or Tanith. He said he had a score to settle with the slaver.

Reward: 100g each

Wizards’ Guild: Castle Zadrian

You solved all the mysteries of Castle Zadrian, coming away with a large amount of loot and a hedgehog thief called Gareb. You also found out where Zadrian was: locked in mental communication with a strange dimension worm, which tried to turn your worst nightmares against you. 

Zadrian was remarkably ungrateful and said you’d spoiled a good experiment over which he had total control. However, Zadrian promised to return Gareb to full size. He also said he would owe you one new spell that he would create in future, though he couldn’t promise it’d be any good…

Wizards’ Guild: Public Duel

You decided that Master Wizard Zane Weaver was guilty of striking the first blow against Brody Cruz. Bertram did not agree with your judgement, but respected it nonetheless.

Reward: Scroll of Shambler

Wizards’ Guild: Tome Transport

Transport a tome from Evoker Bertram to his friend Riffolk Wyncey in Berton Vere, via the Wizards’ Guild magical transportation system.