Rampant Lions Guild


1. About
2. Guild Locations
3. Notable Members & Leadership
4. Guild Quartermaster & Services
5. Quests
6. Perks, Ranks & Requirements


1. About

The Rampant Lions is the Empire’s premier mercenary guild. It is famed for never having broken a single contract in its history, which spans hundreds of years. Thus the Lions accept only the most dedicated members to ensure they protect their reputation. In exchange for recruiting the best, they offer excellent rates of pay and quality equipment.

Despite its selectiveness, the Guild is huge. Its reach spans the entire Empire, though it is most influential in the capital and the Grain Belt. It has tens of thousands of members on its books. Any new member will be a small fish in a large pond. But there is also the prospect of rapid advancement for a particularly skilled recruit. Advancement brings with it greater standing in the Guild and unlocks better perks.

Contracts are broad in scope and range from protecting locations, to retrieving goods, or simply killing a dangerous monster or wanted criminal. The Rampant Lions work closely with the authorities in Rath to achieve mutual goals, although the Guild certainly has its own agenda too.


2. Guild Locations


Visit a Guild Hall to interact with the Rampant Lions. The Rampant Lions have a Guild Hall in the following cities of the Empire: 

Arid Spire
Caer Celador
Drake’s Demise
Straits Sentinel
Wolfpine Canyon


3. Notable Members & Leadership

— The Lions are currently led by Thiellan, a renowned battlemage. Along with her pet lizard Nigel, she resides in the Rath City Guild Hall. There she oversees the Mane Council, the high leadership of the Guild.


4. Guild Quartermaster & Services



Lion Insignia (Uncommon Artifact).
Quality 173.

+1 AC, +10 HP, +10 Mana, +1 Spell Chance, +1 Weapon Chance.

Stock: 1,752.
Rank required: Journeyman.
Price: 3 gold.


5. Quests




6. Perks, Ranks & Requirements


Initiate: Reputation 0.

New members carry this rank. At this rank, you are completely unproven to the Guild, but they are willing to give you a chance.

Perks: you may sleep for free in a plain room at any Rampant Lions Guild Hall, and receive a plain hot meal.


Journeyman: Reputation 40.

At this rank, you have completed one or two missions successfully. You have access to some basic equipment as you work your way up.

Perks: unlocks access to the Guild Quartermaster.