Skills can be used at any time by any class even if you have no bonus to this Skill (it is just less likely to succeed). In Combat, Skills usually cost 3 AP. It is strongly not advised to spend Stat Points simply to raise Skills. Instead, find special items, kits, consumables and tools to boost Skill checks at crucial moments.


Helps with checks to jump over walls and obstacles, dive through gaps, and fall safely.


Helps with checks made to run, jump or swim.


Helps with checks to estimate the value of an item.

Arcane Lore

Helps with checks to determine the nature of a magical spell, glyph, rune and so on.

Brute Force

Attempts to smash through an obstacle or object, or hit someone with an improvised attack, such as your fists or a chair leg.


Helps with checks to climb.

Disarm Trap or Device

Helps with checks to safely disable a trap or device, such as a lever or trap door.

First Aid

Helps with checks to give First Aid, which restores Health but does not cost Mana. A First Aid Kit or Bandage must be available.


Attempts to get a better deal on a sale or purchase.


Helps with checks to recall the history and lore surrounding a creature, place, event or object.


Helps with checks to identify the stats and properties of unidentified objects, as well as any auras such as Cursed.


Helps with checks to pick locks. A Lockpicking Set, Thieves’ Tools, or similar must be available.


Helps with checks to safely navigate to a destination.


Helps with checks to steal from a creature. Your skill level determines both Success or Failure and whether you receive a random item or can choose from its possessions.

Place Trap

Helps with checks to safely place Traps.


Helps with checks to recall the history and lore surrounding a deity, temple or religious ritual.


Attempts to reveal Stealthed creatures, showing their location to your allies. Does not reveal Invisible creatures.


Attempts to detect hidden doorways, traps, clues and so on.


Any Actions taken break Stealth. Hidden Creatures cannot be targeted directly and do not suffer from Attacks of Opportunity. Enemies can attempt to hit the general location of a Hidden Creature with Area effects and with Disadvantage. Attacking from Stealth grants Advantage.


Attempts to throw an object, or hit someone with an improvised ranged attack, such as throwing a rock at them.

Use Scroll or Device

Helps with checks to safely use a magical scroll or device.

Wilderness Survival

Helps with finding a place to camp in the wilderness, as well as controlling or avoiding wild animals, and with finding sources of food and water.