Masters of elemental powers thanks to lifelong study, Wizards combine the elements to create breathtakingly powerful spells. Driven by their thirst for knowledge and the importance of their mission, they tirelessly study ways to overcome obstacles.

Wizards have sacrificed their physical development for their studies. Fragile and feeble in health, they make up for their frailty by offering the highest potential for damage and a mysterious array of utility spells, such as detecting enemy weaknesses. Underestimating a Wizard is usually fatal!

Stats and Playstyle

Weapon: 2-handed Wand or 1-handed Wand with Spell Breaker

Crafting: Imbuing

Primary Stat: Intellect

Recommended Secondary Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom

Recommended Itemisation: Spell Hit chance, Spell damage,  Weapon Damage, Weapon Hit chance, Magic Resistance

Playstyle: Wizards are extremely frail if caught but should rely on allies for protection rather than items or stats. The Wizard’s job is to deal extreme amounts of damage, with a fallback on powerful wands. Therefore, a Wizard’s priorities are Spells then Weapons.


Level 1: Tenser’s Floating Disc
Creates a floating, controllable disc 3×3 squares in area, lasting for one hour, that can bear up to 1000 kilograms of matter. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 3: Mage Hand
You control a floating hand for up to 10 Turns. It vanishes if it goes out of range, cannot attack, activate magic items or carry more than 5 kg. As an Action, you can perform simple tasks such as manipulate objects, open unlocked doors or containers, or pour out a flask. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 6: Summon Familiar
You summon your loyal companion rat, bound to you with Arcane magic. It has all the properties of a normal rat, but can be resummoned if it takes fatal damage.

Next Cantrip unlocked at Level 9.


Level One



AP: 5 | Mana: 24 | CD: 1 | Range: 6×3

All creatures in the target area take 2d10 Damage, or half if they succeed at a DC 6 + Int Reflex (Dexterity) Saving Throw.


Spell Turning

Passive Benefit

Your deep study of hostile spells grants you an additional 12% Magic Resistance.


Dark Ray

AP: 5 | Mana: 16 | CD: 1 | Range: 6×1

Emits a beam of dark energy that passes through all targets in range, dealing 3d6 damage, halving with each additional target passed through.

Level Two



AP: 6 | Mana: 32 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Pulses arcane energy around you, dealing 2d12 damage to any three targets of your choice within range. Only one instance of damage per target.


Blast Wave

AP: 6 | Mana: 32 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Melts a target for 3d10 damage, halving its AP and MP for its next Turn.



AP: 4 | Mana: 22 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Deals 1d10 damage and Silences a target, preventing it from casting any Spells for one Turn.

Level Three



AP: 2 | Mana: 30 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Makes one creature Invisible until the start of its next Turn. Invisibility is broken if it takes any Actions. Cannot be cast on a creature already under the effect of Greater Invisibility.


Siphon Life

AP: 6 | Mana: 43 | CD: 4 | Range: 6

Deals 2d12 Damage to a creature. If the target creature dies from this damage, the Cooldown of this Spell is reset.



AP: 6 | Mana: 38 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

A chosen creature sinks into a Void of dark magic until the end of its next Turn. It cannot be targeted or interacted with in any way, and cannot see or hear anything outside the Void. Enemy creatures can attempt a DC 6 + Int Intelligence (Intellect) Saving Throw to avoid being affected.

Level Four



AP: 1 | Mana: 10 | CD: 1 | Range: 2

Shimmers out of existence, reappearing in a position of your choice within range. Can pass through objects and organic matter.


Elemental Overload

AP: 2 | Mana: 2 | CD: 0 | Range: 6

Blasts a target for 1d4 + Int damage. Triples in Mana cost and adds 1d4 Damage each time you cast. Cannot miss.


Chain Lightning

AP: 6 | Mana: 40 | CD: 0 | Range: 6

Deadly lightning erupts, dealing 6d4 Damage to a target, then arcing to up to five additional enemies. Each jump reduces the damage by 20%. Requires Line of Sight to arc but ignores Range restrictions.

Level Five



Cornerstone Talent
AP: 2 | Mana: 20 | CD: 1

Teleports you 2 squares in a random direction. Enemy creatures adjacent to both the Squares you start on and finish on are Blinded until the end of their next Turn, unless they succeed at a DC 8 + Int Reflex (Dexterity) Saving Throw.


Rewind Time

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 0 | Mana: 0 | CD: 4 | Range: 0

Instantly resets your position, HP and Mana to their values at the start of this Turn, retaining any Damage or effects you dealt to enemies. Cannot be used at 0 HP (i.e. to remove fatal Damage) or when undergoing certain other powerful effects.


Arcane Impetus

Cornerstone Talent
Passive Benefit | CD: 8

When you are reduced to 0 HP, you are reflexively shrouded in arcane energies. You cannot be targeted on the same Turn, you become Stabilised, and you regain 10% Maximum HP and 10% Maximum Mana. You may not take further Actions on the same Turn.

Level Six


Arcane Seed

AP: 1 | Mana: 12 | CD: 4 | Range: 6

Implants a creature with an arcane seed that deals 4d4 damage over 2 Turns. While a creature is affected, successful Wand attacks restore 16 Mana.


All-Seeing Eye

AP: 1 | Mana: 30 | CD: 5

Your next spell cast this Turn has unlimited Range and ignores Line of Sight restrictions.


Energy Bolt

AP: 6 | Mana: 110 | CD: 1 | Range: 6

You cannot move this Turn while you charge power towards a chosen creature. At the start of your next Turn, the target takes 19d4 damage. Energy Bolt will track a
a target out of range, but not if it breaks line of sight.

Level Seven



AP: 0 | Mana: 40 | CD: 7

Burns away 275% of your Maximum HP over this Turn and the next. During this time, all Damage you deal is increased by 33%.


Minor Gate

Cast: AP: 4 | Mana: 60 | CD: 8 | Range: 6
Use: AP: 1 | Mana: 22 | CD: 0

Creates a Gate with 100 HP + 2x Your Level HP that occupies one Square and provides Half Cover. The Gate lasts for three Turns or until destroyed. During this time, you may Use the Gate, instantly teleporting you back to it regardless of Range or Line of Sight restrictions.


Singular Focus

Passive Benefit

Your Critical Chance is increased by 1.

Level Eight



AP: 1 | Mana: 63 | CD: 5 | Range: 6

Reduces a chosen creature’s MP by 75% for its next two Turns.



AP: 1 | CD: 8

Any Spells you cast this Turn have their Mana cost halved, but cost HP instead of Mana. The Critical Chance and Difficulty Class of these spells are increased by 2.



Void Bolt

AP: 2 | Mana: 22 | CD: 4 | Range: 6

Strikes a chosen creature for 1d10 Damage. If they are under the effects of Arcane Seed, Blast Wave, Pulsar, or Silence, those effects are extended one Turn.

Level Nine


Ring of Frost

AP: 6 | Mana: 80 | CD: 5 | Range: 6×6

Summons a ring of frost that coalesces at the start of your next Turn. All creatures in its area take 4d8 Damage and cannot Move for their next Turn, unless
they succeed at a DC 14 + Int Strength Saving Throw.


Greater Invisibility

AP: 2 | Mana: 80 | CD: 6 | Range: 6

Makes one creature Invisible until the start of its next Turn. This Invisibility is not broken if it takes any Actions. Cannot be cast on a creature already under the effect of Invisibility.



AP: 2 | Mana: 36 | CD: 1 | Range: 6

Shimmers out of existence, reappearing on top of a chosen creature within Range, which takes 3d12 Damage and is knocked 2 Squares in a random direction. Huge,
Colossal or Gargantuan creatures do not move, but still take Damage.

Level Ten



Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 138 | CD: 5 | Range: 6

Steals the last spell cast by a chosen creature, making it available to you for four Turns.



Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 222 | CD: 3 | Range: 6

Emits a colossal cone of flame. All creatures in a 6-square cone take 29d6 damage, or half if they succeed at a DC 16 + Int Reflex (Dexterity) Saving Throw.


Summon Ice Golem

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 349 | CD: 9 | Range: 6

Summons a controllable Ice Golem of CR 9 + 0.5x Your Level with a large Presence Radius that generates a large amount of Presence Aura. The Ice Golem lasts for
eight turns or until destroyed.