Masters of elemental powers thanks to lifelong study, Wizards combine the elements to create breathtakingly powerful spells. Driven by their thirst for knowledge and the importance of their mission, they tirelessly study ways to overcome obstacles.

Wizards have sacrificed their physical development for their studies. Fragile and feeble in health, they make up for their frailty by offering the highest potential for damage and a mysterious array of utility spells, such as detecting enemy weaknesses. Underestimating a Wizard is usually fatal!

Stats and Playstyle

Weapon: 2-handed Wand or 1-handed Wand with Spell Breaker

Crafting: Imbuing

Primary Stat: Intellect

Recommended Secondary Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom

Recommended Itemisation: Spell Hit chance, Spell damage,  Weapon Damage, Weapon Hit chance, Magic Resistance

Playstyle: Wizards are extremely frail if caught but should rely on allies for protection rather than items or stats. The Wizard’s job is to deal extreme amounts of damage, with a fallback on powerful wands. Therefore, a Wizard’s priorities are Spells then Weapons.


Level 1: Tenser’s Floating Disc
Creates a floating, controllable disc 3×3 squares in area, lasting for one hour, that can bear up to 1000 kilograms of matter. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 3: Mage Hand
You control a floating hand for up to 10 Turns. It vanishes if it goes out of range, cannot attack, activate magic items or carry more than 5 kg. As an Action, you can perform simple tasks such as manipulate objects, open unlocked doors or containers, or pour out a flask. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 6: Summon Familiar
You summon your loyal companion rat, bound to you with Arcane magic. It has all the properties of a normal rat, but can be resummoned if it takes fatal damage.

Next Cantrip unlocked at Level 9.