Vindicators are faithful protectors and dauntless warriors beyond reproach. They hold an important place in groups of adventurers because of their ability to absorb powerful attacks and to deflect magical spells.

Vindicators may be slow and single-minded, but they can dish out serious damage while being difficult to take down. They know how to use their weapons, that’s for sure!

Stats and Playstyle

Weapon: 1-handed Sword, Axe or Mace with Shield

Crafting: Arms Lore

Primary Stat: Strength

Recommended Secondary Stats: Constitution, Dexterity

Recommended Itemisation: HP, Presence Aura, Presence Radius, AC, Toughness, Block, Parry, Weapon Damage, Weapon Hit chance

Playstyle: Vindicators do one thing first: stay alive. After that, they offer a mixture of powerful melee attacks and protection to allies. The primary focus of a vindicator is being extremely difficult to kill, and drawing the attention of enemies, then they can focus on additional melee damage.


Level 1: Glow
You can infuse your Weapon with light at will, providing a soft glow and illumination for up to five metres.

Level 3: Shatter Obstacle
You are particularly good at breaking down doors and walls, smashing open chests and the like. Grants Advantage on your next attempt to do this. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 6: Gust
You generate a small blast of force, pushing back any Medium or smaller creature or object back by one square. Cooldown: one Turn.

Next Cantrip unlocked at Level 9.