Treasure Hunter

No Treasure Hunter can resist a shiny new gold piece! Gifted with an unfailing sense of greed, they’ll move earth and sky with their shovels when there’s treasure at stake, which makes them great teammates… if you can convince them to share. The Treasure Hunter has a range of useful abilities that help you find items and goodies, solve puzzles, identify strange items and even get the best deals out of merchants.

Still, Treasure Hunters are not all about gold – just mostly about gold. When threatened, they lash out with their powerful ranged shovel attacks, enhanced with magic. They keep themselves safe and sound by flinging their shovels from a long distance. A Treasure Hunter’s motto is simple: “Of greed make an art”.

Stats and Playstyle

Weapon: 2-handed Shovel

Crafting: Tinkering

Primary Stat: Charisma

Recommended Secondary Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect

Recommended Itemisation: ProspectingRange, Spell Damage, Spell Hit chance, Weapon Damage, Weapon Hit chance

Playstyle: Treasure Hunters are primarily ranged damage dealers, with some support spells. Their aim is to deal the maximum amount of damage from the longest range, befuddling their enemies. Spells are important for this class but the Shovel comes first, meaning that it is important to boost Weapon-related abilities as well as Spells. Treasure Hunters are relatively frail – their safety comes from range and the ability to control enemies.


Level 1: Dig
Attempts to dig for random treasure. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Level 3: Safety Rope
Pulls any Medium or smaller creature or object one square towards you. A hostile creature can attempt a DC 6 + Cha Strength Saving Throw. Cooldown: one Turn.

Level 6: Identify Scroll or Liquid
Attempts to identify the properties and value of a magical scroll or any liquid. You must complete a Long Rest before you may use this Cantrip again.

Next Cantrip unlocked at Level 9.


Level One


Great Fortune

Passive Benefit

Your Weapon Chance is increased by 2.



AP: 4 | Mana: 15 | CD: 2 | Range: 8

Distracts a creature for its next Turn unless it succeeds at a DC 6 + Cha Intellect Saving Throw. The creature wanders aimlessly, performing no other actions.


Coin Toss

AP: 2 | Mana: 4 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

Flings painful coins at enemies, dealing 1d6 Damage per toss.

Level Two


Breach Armor

AP: 2 | Mana: 12 | CD: 3 | Range: 0

Your next Shovel Attack this Turn is a guaranteed Critical Hit.


White Flag

AP: 5 | Mana: 14 | CD: 3 | Range: 8

Flings a shower of scrap metal at a target. Deals 1d10 Damage and Stuns the target for its next Turn.


Light in the Darkness

AP: 1 | Mana: 18 | CD: 4 | Range: 0

You gain 20% Toughness (up to a maximum of 90%) until the start of your next Turn. If you take Damage while this ability is active, you instantly unleash a free Shovel Attack on the source of the Damage.

Level Three


Shovel Sweep

AP: 2 | Mana: 16 | CD: 4 | Range: 8

With your shovel, you sweep a creature high into the air for its next Turn, unless it succeeds at a DC 10 + Cha Strength Saving Throw. During this time, it cannot be directly targeted.


Ghostly Spade

AP: 6 | Mana: 22 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

A shimmering spade drops from above, striking a target for 2d10 HP. Ignores Line of Sight.



AP: 2 | Mana: 4 | CD: 3 | Range: 8

Grants a chosen target 2 Temporary MP. Ignores Line of Sight.

Level Four


Sword Skill

AP: 2 | Mana: 10 | CD: 2 | Range: 8

Grants a chosen target +2 to Hit on their next Weapon Attack. Does not stack with itself.


Distant Shooting

AP: 2 | Mana: 10 | CD: 2 | Range: 8

Grants a chosen target +2 Range. Does not stack with itself.


Shovel Splitting

AP: 2 | Mana: 10 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

Your next successful Shovel Attack this Turn splits and hits a random enemy within Range for half the damage dealt to the primary target.

Level Five


Tactical Insight

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 12 | CD: 6 | Range: 4

Discerns an enemy’s tactical weakness. Once revealed, allies can choose to Weapon Attack this weakness. These attacks have Disadvantage but are Critical Strikes.


Coin Spray

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 2 | Mana: 4 each | CD: 0 | Range: 8

Sprays a shower of loose coins at every enemy target within Line of Sight, dealing 1d8 Damage per hit.


Shovel Smash

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 40 | CD: 3 | Range: 8

Launches a massive strike against a creature, dealing 5d12 Damage.

Level Six



AP: 2 | Mana: 12 | CD: 5 | Range: 8

A chosen creature is Rooted for its next Turn, unable to Move or Fly. Cannot be Resisted.


Eagle Eye

Passive Benefit

Grants +2 Spell Chance.


Scarab Fury

AP: 1 | Mana: 8 | CD: 4 | Range: 8

A deadly scarab rises from the ground and attacks a creature, dealing 3d12 Damage over three Turns.

Level Seven


Treasure Hunted

AP: 6 | Mana: 20 | CD: 3 | Range: 8

You sense the prosperity of your enemy, and unleash a blast that deals 1d6 Damage for every 100 Gold in total wealth they own (including equipment), up to a maximum of 40d6 (4000 Gold).



AP: 3 | Mana: 16 | CD: 3 | Range: 8

A chosen creature gains 20% Toughness, up to a maximum of 90%, until the end of its next Turn. You may use this spell while Stunned, Incapacitated, Feared, Frightened or Asleep.


Rumbling Rock

AP: 6 | Mana: 60 | CD: 4 | Range: 8×1

Unearths rubble with your Shovel that rolls forward 8 squares. The first creature struck takes 8d4 damage and has an 80% chance to be Stunned until the start of its next Turn. Each successive creature struck reduces the Damage by 12.5% and removes 10% Stun chance.

Level Eight


Living Bag

AP: 1 | Mana: 20 | CD: 8 | Range: 8

Creates a Treasure Bag with 150 HP + 2x Your Level, that absorbs 50% of all damage dealt to you and your allies within range. When it reaches 0 HP, it explodes for the amount of Damage it absorbed. This Damage is shared between all enemies within Line of Sight.


Iron Graveyard

AP: 6 | Mana: 50 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

Shovels rise from the ground beneath all enemies in Range, piercing them from below for Weapon Damage. Ignores Line of Sight.


Expeditious Retreat

AP: 6 | Mana: 40 | CD: 5

All allies gain 6 MP for their next Turn but may only move towards the nearest edge of the battlefield. Ignores line of sight and Range restrictions.

Level Nine



AP: 1 | Mana: 12 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

You tuck into a roll and launch yourself, allowing you to move up to 2 Squares upwards or downwards onto or down from obstacles or creatures in addition to your regular Movement.



AP: 5 | Mana: 44 | CD: 5

A chosen target cannot make Weapon Attacks for its next Turn.


Great Leap

AP: 1 | Mana: 12 | CD: 0 | Range: 8

Propels a chosen ally 1d4 squares directly towards or away from the nearest enemy creature.

Level Ten


Fossil In Amber

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 6 | Mana: 90 | CD: 6 | Range: 4

Traps an enemy in amber, unless it succeeds at a DC 16 + Cha Strength Saving Throw. For its next two Turns, it is Restrained.


Armor Piercing

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 1 | Mana: 30

Enabling this ability costs 30 Mana per Turn. While enabled, all successful Shovel Attacks deal double damage.


Living Chest

Cornerstone Talent
AP: 2 | Mana: 42 | CD: 7 | Range: 8

Creates a Living Chest that cannot move by itself and has 400 HP + 2x Your Level. The Chest draws the attention of creatures within range, making them much more likely to attack the Chest than other targets.