Bertram will catch some alternate spellings (e.g. quest instead of quests, mages guild or gray company instead of grey co).

  • bertram help Displays all bot commands in Discord
  • bertram post Instructs Bertram to use the Imperial Post to send a short letter, diagram or package of specified items from your inventory to the recipient. You must specify what you want to write, what you wish to send and how many (if the items have quantity), the name of the recipient and specific address if known, or otherwise as much of a description of their image and location as possible.

Bertram cannot always guarantee your post will arrive, as mishaps occur – more so if you cannot give full details of the recipient. Bertram will charge you after he has posted your mail.

This command can be used in private channels if secrecy is required.

Example usage: bertram post a letter to taskmaster callaghan at the heralds guild in wayfalls, contents “Dear Taskmaster, here are the latest updates from our adventures…” include 2x potion of minor healing

  • bertram quests Shows your quest objectives, progress and rewards. 

  • bertram research Instructs Bertram to perform downtime research on any topic of your choice. You must specify exactly what you’re interested in, what you already know, what you want to find out – and how much you’re prepared to pay, or what favours or items you’re willing to exchange for the knowledge. Bertram will try to investigate in downtime, and report the information… or consequences.

This command can be used in private channels if secrecy is required.

Example usage: bertram research george from the heralds guild, any known allies, any weak spots… where does he hide out? prepared to pay 2 gold

  • bertram reputation mages
    bertram reputation rampant lions
    bertram reputation heralds
    bertram reputation thieves guild
    bertram reputation east empire co
    bertram reputation sabotiers
    bertram reputation grey company
    bertram reputation 3 lanterns 
    Displays reputation progress, rank, perks and shop for the specified guild.
  • bertram worldmap Displays the World Map of Lastavia.