Release 1.03 09 February 2019
* Questlog/Guilds Excel spreadsheet removed, to be replaced by…
* BERTRAM! Everyone’s favourite creepy old wizard is back in bot format. Get started with “bertram help”.
* All commands added to Bot Commands under Useful Info. More to come!
* Added a Loot Explorer. See Items in the Main Menu – you’ll eventually be able to explore all droppable loot, guild quartermaster vendors and other items here. Does not currently include town shops, still working that out.
* Next session schedule, in-game location and date updated.

Previous Updates

Release 1.02 29 December 2019
* Level 4 talents released.
* Cooldown description of spells that have no cooldown changed from N/A to 0 on Class pages and Talent pages.
* Talent pages now have an additional column Roll to Hit, for greater consistency as to whether a spell requires a Hit roll or takes effect immediately.

Release 1.01b 01 December 2019
* Equippable items are now color-coded for quality: Grey (Trash), Black (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), Orange (Legendary), Red (Mythic).
*In-game location updated.
* “Wayfalls General Goods” shop added to Wayfalls with a large selection of general items.
* Trialling new combat party interface for feedback.

Release 1.01 24 November 2019
* Archived a massive amount of information from the last campaign: City Status/Fortsworn, outdated rules pages, old quests, artifact information.
* Calendar updated to current date and year, added to main menu.
* Sidebar now shows a summary of our upcoming games and any amendments. Also shows the current location of your party and the in-game date and time.
* All city maps besides Wayfalls temporarily archived while I update their shops to match the new stats and battle system.
* Wayfalls and World Map added to places. Shops and locations now available for Wayfalls.
* Many people added to the A-Z of NPCs but mostly from the last campaign. Still a work in progress and hundreds more to go, but will eventually be a full reference!
* Website’s main menu is now more useful – quick links added to Classes/Talents, and Social/Guild spreadsheet.
* Things I’m working on for the near future: a page storing brief session summaries of every game, and reputation “progress” bars for the Guilds and major Factions so you can see what you need to do to rank up.