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Cult of the Banished Phalanx: Prophecies

You entered the ruins beneath Artaglundir. After battling your way through many dangers, you encountered the last, dying, member of the cult – Ploisakz. He gave you a crystal containing the souls of four necromancers – a crystal storing vast energy, that when shattered, could kill thousands, or perform a miracle. He charged you with using this crystal in some way to restore the status of necromancy in the Empire – either by doing something so good, necromantic power could not be ignored, or something so evil that the Empire dares not say no.

He also instructed you to use – but not trust – Bath’galaal to discover more about the Cult’s prophecies, and the hero known as Shadowsoul.

Reward: necromantic secrets and power

Deck of the Drow

The strange witch Abigail defied death and gave Gregor a mystical card. She demanded he recover the rest… somehow.

Temple of Daylas: Changing Minds

Archpriest Torendral Greatmantle has asked Sorriah to establish a new Temple of Daylas somewhere within the Empire. Once this is done, he’ll introduce her to a worthy priest who can take charge – someone honest and truly devoted to the Goddess, rather than a corrupt worm out to exploit the locals.

By doing this, he hopes to take the first small steps to cleansing the sullied reputation of the great religion of Daylas.

Thalia Nine-Lives

Thalia Nine-Lives, a bandit leader in the Vale of Winter, has demanded 5000 gold in tribute, by Tillday, 14th of the Feast of J’veras, to leave your town alone.

Find her and decide how to deal with her.

Thieves’ Guild: Free Jane Fox

Jane Fox is a teenage thief sentenced to life imprisonment for slashing the throat of a guard captain who used his power to abuse and molest her. Using your connections to Talia Tallsong, you convinced her to get her friend – Judge William de Neville – involved with the case.

Talia and William gathered the guards for a bit of mummery, and convinced them they had an informer in their ranks. Under pressure, the guards cracked and revealed that Jane had the murder weapon down her breeches – something they couldn’t have known unless they had been trying to get into Jane Fox’s pants. They were sentenced accordingly, and the grateful young thief walked free.

You should return to the Thieves’ Guild to be rewarded.

Unspeakable Crimes: Bliss Delivery

Following your successful delivery of “Bliss” to North Warren, The Politician has asked you to wait in Rath, where you will eventually be given further instructions.

Unspeakable Crimes: The Setup

Adjunct Vala Nevah wants to strike at the heart of the drugs syndicate by baiting The Politician into shipping his largest ever delivery of Bliss out of the capital. Once it’s on the road, it will be confiscated or destroyed by agents of the Empire.

To do this, the Imperial Government has authorized the creation of a small settlement full of potential new drugs “customers”. You are to lead the design and construction of a small village, then return to Vala. She will give you further instructions on how to use your influence with The Politician.