Release 1.21 26 July 2020

* White Warden’s Set renamed to Dead Warden’s Set, as it is no longer white.

* Dead Warden’s Set now has an appearance.

* Arcane Bwak now has an appearance.

* Raven’s Eye Craftable Set added to the game. This five-piece Set is made up of the Raven’s Eye Hood and Raven’s Eye Armor (Tailoring Designs), the Raven’s Eye Staff (Arms Lore Pattern), The Raven’s Eye necklace (Tinkering Blueprint), and an Artifact-slot pet, the Raven Bwak.

* Raven’s Eye Set recipes and pet have a chance to drop from any creature in the Marburg region, with a greater chance of dropping from high CR and boss monsters. A minimum of 9% Prospecting is required.

* Item Explorer in the website menu now has categories for Recipes and Pets.

* Information about the Raven’s Eye Set Recipes and Pet has been added to the Item Explorer in the website menu.

* Information about Gemstones, Exotic Materials, Innards, Metals and Woods have been added to the Item Explorer in the website menu under Resources. More to come.

* The Styles “Male, Basic Moustache”, “Female, Primal Cut”, and “Female, Vicious Glisten Eyeshadow” now cost Clan Tokens instead of gold.

* Female Vortex Robe appearance improved slightly.

* 3 Quests in Marburg now also reward a Small Cache of Uncommon Resources on completion.

Previous Updates

Release 1.20 19 July 2020

Welcome! This update will cover the Marburg story arc over the next 8-10 weeks (with small additions in between).


Character Paperdolls now available

* The Character Sheet now has a “Paperdoll” page that shows the appearance of most of your equipped items! Two things to note: firstly, your character may look strange, this is because your equipment is likely mismatched and you haven’t taken care over your appearance. Now you can! Secondly, your character has no hair, adding to the strange look. Visit the Stylist for more information.

* Note that the Paperdoll will not automatically update when you change gear – it will update at the end of a session if any changes have been made. This is a technical limitation.

* The Paperdoll page now features non-combat information such as Experience, Age, Race and more, to help declutter the Character Sheet. You can edit these fields. More will be added in future updates to enhance your character’s journey.

* Over 50 new item appearances added to the game for existing shops and professions. Not every item has an appearance. The intent is for all items to have one, but smaller items such as rings currently don’t.


* Primary Stats info page in the class guide redesigned to be clearer and more helpful.

* Secondary Stats info page has new explanations of Crit Chance, Death, Difficulty Class, and Saving Throws.

* Infiltrator and Ranger overall survival/tankiness reduced from 2 Stars to 1 Star.
* Strength now increases Death Save Chance by ++.
* Constitution now increases Block by +++ (previously ++).
* Charisma no longer increases Block.
* Charisma now increases Weapon Chance by +.
* Charisma now increases Weapon Damage by +.
* Charisma now increases Spell Chance by + (previously ++).


* Medicine renamed to First Aid.
* Survival renamed to Wilderness Survival.
* Detect Hidden replaced by two separate skills: Search and Reveal (both Wisdom).
* New skill: Haggle (Charisma).

* Attempting to Stealth now benefits from Dexterity OR Wisdom, whichever is higher.

* Skills info page updated with these changes.


* The Equipment page now displays a recommended Primary Stat, and a recommended Secondary Stat if the class has one. This is to help guide choices of gear, along with the Quality score.

* The Spellbook now has a full list of Skills and the Modifiers you currently have for attempting them. This is to remind players that Skills are available at all times (even in Combat), for example, Stealth. See the Skills info page for guidance.

ARCANIST (click for Talents)

The class has been substantially reworked to give more synergy between its talents, and reflect the style it was originally designed to have: a Ranged Support with heavy Utility and still some damage. The class now offers more Support, while retaining some damage.

* Lesser Mana Potion renamed to Mana Burst.
* Broken Vial renamed to Burst Splash. Burst Splash now affects any Burst Talents.
* Time Bomb replaced with a new talent: Burning Glyph.
* Lesser Healing Potion renamed to Healing Burst.
* Bloatbomb replaced with a new talent: Elemental Barrage.
* Equilibrium replaced with a new talent: Wellspring.
* Mana Potion renamed to Super Mana Burst.
* Healing Potion renamed to Super Healing Burst.
* Serve Rum replaced with a new talent: Doomblast.
* Drowsy Orb renamed to Snooze. This Talent no longer requires an Orb shot.
* Invigorating Aura replaced with a new talent: Time Flux.
* Quick Hands replaced with a new talent: Quick Feet.
* Blinding Vial renamed to Blind.
* Arcanist’s Knowledge now triggers from any Burst Spells.
* Serve Kirsch replaced with a new talent: Grapeshot.
* From the Nether replaced with a new talent: Wordless Casting.
* Alarming Orb renamed to Alarm. This Talent no longer requires an Orb shot.
* Shroud no longer has negative effects.
* Restorative Potion renamed to Restorative Burst.

PRIEST (click for Talents)

* Healing Word cooldown increased from 0 to 2.
* Healing Word Mana cost reduced from 12 to 10.
* Blossom of Light Mana restoration increased from 1d4 to 2d6.
* Constellation now also deals Damage.
* Shield now benefits from Wisdom.
* Shield cooldown reduced from 1 to 0.
* Shield Mana cost reduced from 24 to 20
* Holy Pillar Mana cost reduced from 16 to 10.
* Serenity AP cost reduced from 4 to 3.
* Serenity Mana cost reduced from 30 to 20.
* Serenity cooldown increased from 1 to 2.
* Blade Ward AP cost reduced from 4 to 3.
* Blade Ward cooldown increased from 1 to 2.
* Health Transfer replaced with a new talent: Sacred Lore.
* Swift Shield Mana cost increased from 14 to 20.
* Flare Mana cost increased from 8 to 10.
* Focus simplified. Now heals for 10% of Maximum HP.
* Focus Mana cost increased from 15 to 30.
* Favor now benefits from Wisdom.
* Favor Mana cost reduced from 12 to 10.
* Global Light Mana cost increased from 28 to 30.
* Cure Mana cost reduced from 22 to 20.
* Greater Healing Word Mana cost increased from 18 to 30.
* Prevent Doom replaced with a new talent: Sanctify.
* Share Burdens reworked to have an active effect.
* Angelic Strikes replaced with a new talent: Angel Flight.
* Divine Focus replaced with a new talent: Blessed Touch.
* Purify restoration increased from 1d8 to 2d8.
* Purify Mana cost increased from 22 to 30.
* Health Lock replaced with a new talent: Lightbearer.
* Presence Transfer replaced with a new talent: Life Swap.
* Seraphim cooldown increased from 8 to 9.

TREASURE HUNTER (click for Talents)

Like Arcanist, this class has been substantially reworked to reflect its initial design of a Ranged Damage Dealer, with some Utility. The class is now much better at delivering large amounts of damage from distant range, which was the initial intent, and has some added mobility.

* Great Fortune no longer grants Prospecting or Mana.
* Great Fortune Weapon Chance bonus increased from 1 to 2.
* Coin Toss Damage increased from 1d4 to 1d6.
* Breach Armor can now miss.
* Paralyzing Shovel replaced with a new talent: Light in the Darkness.
* Igniskyffel replaced with a new talent: Shovel Sweep.
* Coin Spray Damage increased from 1d6 to 1d8.
* Strike First replaced with a new talent: Shovel Smash.
* Eagle Eye no longer grants Weapon Chance.
* Distant Shooting now grants a single charge like Sword Skill.
* Tactical Insight reworked. Now only benefits basic Weapon Attacks, not spells. However, successful attacks are now Crits rather than double damage (allowing it to benefit Weapons that have more than double damage on a Crit, such as x3, x4).
* Shovel Splitting Mana cost reduced from 16 to 10.
* Cripple now Roots instead of reducing AP.
* Cripple cooldown increased from 3 to 5.
* Living Shovel replaced with a new talent: Treasure Hunted.
* Rumbling Rock cooldown increased from 2 to 4.
* Living Bag reworked. The Bag is no longer controllable and the damage explosion no longer needs to be micromanaged.
* Living Bag base HP increased from 100 to 150 and scales with Player Level.
* Shovel Volley replaced with a new talent: Iron Graveyard.
* Obliterate replaced with a new talent: Tumble.
* Careful Aim replaced with a new talent: Shackle.
* Armor Piercing reworked into a new sustained DPS cooldown.
* Living Chest base HP increased from 150 to 400 and scales with Player Level.
* Living Chest no longer deals damage.
* Living Chest cooldown increased from 6 to 7.

VINDICATOR (click for Talents)

* Lesser Restoration reworked to a cheap self-heal.
* Resounding Blow can now be resisted if the target creature a Saving Throw.
* Bull Strength knockback reduced from equal Strength modifier to half Strength modifier.
* Bull Strength now works on creatures above Large, although it is less likely to be effective (previously did not work at all).
* Vital Strike reworked. Now costs a percentage of Maximum HP but also grants an additional chance to Crit.
* Vital Strike Mana cost increased from 6 to 12.
* Spiked Armor reflection reduced from 15% to 10%.
* Grip reworked. Now significantly increases the chance for targets to focus on the Vindicator.
* Grip now works on creatures above Large, although it is less likely to be effective (previously did not work at all).
* Shield Slam replaced with a new talent: Shield Mastery.
* Mangle now also increases the chance its target will focus on the Vindicator.
* Sanctuary cooldown increased from 3 to 5.
* Ape Strength no longer grants block, now increases Base Strength by 14.
* Last Guardian replaced with a new talent: Stand Strong.
* Skull Bash can now be resisted if the target creature a Saving Throw.
* Skull Bash can now affect any creature rather than just enemies.

WIZARD (click for Talents)

* Aganazzar’s Scorcher renamed to Scorch.
* Invisibility AP cost reduced from 4 to 2.
* Chain Lightning now reduces damage by 20% per jump and is capped at 5 jumps.
* Chain Lightning Mana cost reduced from 60 to 40.
* Pulsar now Blinds enemies adjacent to both the departure and arrival Squares.
* Greater Invisibility is now an active Spell.
* Invisibility and Greater Invisibility now cannot be cast on the same target.
* Siphon Life reworked into a finishing move.
* Evard’s Black Tentacles replaced with a new talent: Void.
* Arcane Seed Mana bonus increased from 12 to 16.
* Minor Gate HP now scales with Player Level.
* Dismember replaced with a new talent: Sacrifice.


The town of Marburg is now open for business!

* 26 new items available for purchase or as Quest rewards.
* 3 Side Quests available immediately.
* 4 new Profession recipes available for training.
* A new Stylist vendor is based in Marburg.


Stylists are now based in some towns. A visit to the Stylist allows you to sculpt your character’s hair, facial hair, and other features such as makeup or tattoos – in return for a fee! Rare appearances and colors can be unlocked over time.


The Item Explorer is now live in the menu above. Many items and resources in the world will eventually be available to browse. Not every item will have full information, such as Source or Drop Rates – these you will have to discover. However, it will help you find the things you need.

Release 1.13 04 July 2020

Major updates will be scheduled from now on around the start of each new campaign arc (approximately every 8 to 10 weeks). As the campaign is moving on to Marburg Manor, there will soon be a new balance patch with exciting class improvements, new features, more crafting development, and plenty of powerful items to buy. 

Before we get into items, there is now a Campaign Arc map in the menu (Places -> Quest Map) showing where we’ve been so far in the story, and hinting at where we might go next… it may not be any more useful than the World Map, but it LOOKS GREAT. CLICK HERE DAMN IT.

However, before a large patch can be added with new features, all equippable items have been given a rework. This will ensure the game is balanced for the foreseeable future, and make it much easier to add new items and shops!



* There is a new way for players to manage their Equipment directly. Please at least see below for how to use this properly, to avoid the risk of losing items or stats.

* Items now have Quality scores (similar to Item Level in certain games) so they can be more easily compared to each other.

* Many of your equipped items may have been buffed or nerfed.




* The changes in this section only apply to items that can be equipped. (So excluding materials, cosmetics, quest items, consumables and so on).

Many equippable items are greatly underpowered or overpowered for their supposed rarity. To fix this, every stat has been given a “weight” (how valuable 1 point of each stat is on an item).

The “weights”, of course, will not be revealed to players. But each item now has a Quality Score based on the item’s stats. The point of this is to help players roughly compare the power of two items they might be considering. Quality is equivalent to Item Level in games like World of Warcraft.

* Now that each item has a Quality Score, many items in the world have been rebalanced. Full details on each item’s changes are further down.

* As part of this rebalance, equippable items have been “squished” somewhat. Uncommon and Rare items are quite powerful, and they have a particularly large range of Quality. This means that once a player has acquired a full set of Uncommon and Rare items, there will still be plenty of room to upgrade them with others of the same Rarity but higher Quality (by crafting and completing quests, or farming drops).

* Epic equippable items will be extremely difficult to obtain, and will usually involve advanced crafting or Guild/Clan reputation – the Guilds and Clans of Rath closely safeguard the best loot! This preserves the “wow factor” and desirability of Epic items. Epic Consumables, Resources and so on will be somewhat easier to acquire than permanent equipment.

* Rarity will roughly correspond to Quality, as per the table below. However, note that there is overlap between the bands. This means a really good Uncommon item could be better than an average Rare, or a weak Epic might not be an upgrade to a strong Rare item. Players need to judge for themselves how to itemise – Quality is just a guide to help compare the raw stats of two items.

Trash = o-80 Quality
Common = 50-140 Quality
Uncommon = 100-260 Quality
Rare = 180-380 Quality
Epic = 300-660 Quality

Legendary and Mythic?
Their Quality is a mystery. If they even exist…

* Players can now manage their own Equipment by equipping and removing items at any time. Any item that can be equipped has an 8-digit code. This code is all that’s needed to equip an item. Simply save the code in the Backpack and paste it into an Equipment slot to equip it. To remove the item, copy the code from Equipment, and store it in the Backpack.

* Click the image below for a step-by-step guide on equipping and removing items.

* This system will take some getting used to, but will eventually feel much faster and more intuitive, giving players greater control over Equipment and the notes alongside equippable items in the Backpack. It also makes it much easier for new items and loot to be added to the game!



* Items now have their positive qualities written on one line and negative ones on another (where possible), to help players see the advantages and disadvantages.

* The main page of the Character Sheet will now automatically show the damage of whatever Weapon is equipped, in the “Actions” column.

* All classes can now wear a Shield in the Accessory slot if they choose to do so (i.e. there are no longer Vindicator Shields, Wizard Spell Breakers and Priest Sacred Bulwark).

* All crafting recipes removed from vendors. Craftsmen around the world are no longer content to sell their secrets for mere gold! Recipes are now found exclusively from one of four sources: rare or world drops from mobs, Guild or Clan quartermasters, independent trainers dotted around the world (such as Gubber the Fisherman), or quest rewards.



* Spell Hit Bonus is now always called Spell Chance.

* Weapon Hit Bonus is now always called Weapon Chance.

* Critical Threat Range is now always called Crit Chance.
(This is the increased chance for certain spells or weapons to crit when you roll 1d20. A crit usually only occurs when you roll 20; increased Crit Chance could give a crit on a roll of 19-20. Critical Threat Range is the standard D&D name for this feature, but Crit Chance matches the rest of the stat names in this game).

* All Trade Goods and Crafting Reagents are now always called Resource.



* Every item in the world that can be equipped now has a Quality, with the exception of craftable items, where the Quality will be generated based on the stats when the item is made.

* The following items have all been rebalanced.



* Charismatic Conjurer’s Automaton:
Rarity reduced from Rare to Uncommon.
Stock increased from 1 to 2.
intellect increased from +3 to +10.

* Wind Ring:
Rarity reduced from Epic to Rare.

* Hammer of Retribution:
Damage increased from 1d12 to 2d12.

* Fineweave Hat:
Now has +5 Heals.

* Gardener’s Shoes:
Strength increased from +2 to +4.

* Gloves of Chains:
Now has +10 HP.

* Stout Orb:
Price increased from 31 silver to 2 gold 20 silver.



* Iron Alloy Shortsword:
Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.
Now has -10 Wisdom.
Price increased from 75 silver to 2 gold 50 silver.

* Boost Ring:
Price reduced from 8 gold 33 silver to 6 gold.

* White Warden’s Head:
No longer has -20 Intellect.
HP increased from +30 to +60.
AC increased from +2 to +3.

* White Warden’s Body:
Now has +1 Death Save Chance.

* White Warden’s Hands:
Parry increased from +5 to +12%.

* White Warden’s Boots:
MP reduced from +3 to +2.

* White Warden’s Mace:
Now has +11 Strength.
Now has -5 Dexterity.



* Storm’s Shelter:
+2 to +3 AC reduced to +0 to +1 AC.

* Battleworn Protector:
No longer has +5 to +10% Toughness.
+2 to +5 AC reduced to +2 to +4 AC.

* The Crescent:
Now has -10 to -20 Wisdom.

* Glimmer:
Now has -0 to -11 Constitution.

* Knight’s Fall:
Damage reduced from 1d20 to 1d16.
+11 to 21 HP reduced to +11 HP.
+11 to +21 Mana reduced to +11 Mana.



* Vortex Robe:
+0 to +10 Mana increased to +10 Mana.

* Winterthorn Dress:
Now has -3 AC.
+11 to +30 Spell Damage increased to +21 to +30 Spell Damage.
+11 to +30 Heals increased to +21 to +30 Heals.

* Luminescent Gloves:
No longer has -1 to -10 Dexterity.



* Circlet of Nejanna:
No longer has Freecasting.
AC increased from +1 to +2.

* Goblinbashers:
Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.
Strength reduced from +6 to +3.
Dexterity reduced from +6 to +3.
Constitution reduced from +6 to +3.

* Pyrefallow Family Relic:
Damage increased from 1d6 to 2d6.
Healing increased from 1d6 to 2d6.

* Bal Essamer’s Wedding Ring:
Disintegrate Armor effect no longer has limited charges, but now costs 30 Mana.

* Swiftness Charm:
Swiftness effect now costs 30 Mana.
HP increased from +2 to +10.



* Fineweave Hat:
Now has +5 Heals.

* Gardener’s Shoes:
Strength increased from +2 to +4.

* Carter Family Shovel:
Damage increased from 1d6 to 2d8.
Now has Lore.

* Lucky Pendant of the Tombdelver:
No longer reveals random patches of Fog of War.
Now has +2% Prospecting.



* Hookshot Gloves:
No longer deals Damage.
Now costs 10 Mana.

* Goblinbashers:
Rarity increased from Common to Uncommon.
Strength reduced from +6 to +3.
Dexterity reduced from +6 to +3.
Constitution reduced from +6 to +3.

* Burninator’s Mace:
No longer has Fire damage.
Physical Damage increased from 2d6 to 3d6.
Rarity reduced from Uncommon to Common.

* Burninator’s Shield:
AC increased from +1 to +2.

* Ring of Pallipes:
Now has Lore.



* Fineweave Hat:
Now has +5 Heals.

* Apprentice Arcanist’s Gloves:
No longer part of a Set.

* Boots of Traversal:
Phase effect now costs 20 Mana.

* Arcane Bwak:
Magic Resistance increased from 3% to 4%

* Symbol of St. Melf:
Summon Babau effect Mana cost increased from 50 to 60.



* Vortex Robe:
Mana increased from +4 to +10.

* Gloves of Slow Rot:
Now has +23 HP.

* Pseudovampiric Fang:
Damage increased from 2d4 to 4d4.

Release 1.12 30 May 2020


* Company of Five shack map added to Dagger Point (Dagger Point > Other). This shows the current map of the shack, the contents of the storage chest, and any decorations. Pine-Scented Candle and Painted Glass Figurine of a God of Plants and Plant Worship visuals added to the Company of Five shack map.

* Rock Candy shop now has stock.


* A Spellsinger (Talent Reset service) is now available! Visiting this service lets players reset their Talent selection or Primary Attribute distribution. Spellsingers will be available in most large towns and major cities (currently Wolfpine Canyon > Shops & Services only). The price will increase according to a hidden formula every time the Spellsinger is used (by anyone), and will decay over time if not used, according to a hidden formula.

* The Wolfpine Arena is now available! The crowd in Wolfpine offer different rewards and challenges every week. This is a 1v1 consensual player-vs-player (PvP) arena that operates under the same rules as other arenas. Two players can queue and fight to the death. When leaving the arena, cooldowns are reset, health and mana are restored, and any items consumed or destroyed are returned to the player’s inventory.  Each week’s reward is on display (Wolfpine Canyon > Other).


* Backpacks and currency completely redesigned for ease of use and greater readability.


* Player crafting is now available! Professions can be seen in the menu under Company of Five > Crafting. Current professions are:
Arcana (Arcanist) – a master of potions, oils, and strange, experimental gadgets.
Arms Lore (Vindicator) – a blacksmith who forges weapons and shields.
Imbuing (Wizard) – a creator of runes that improve other players’ crafting efforts.
Tailoring (Priest) – a designer of the finest woven armor and bags.
Tinkering (Treasure Hunter) – a craftsman who can find resources for other players.

* Crafting will eventually grant access to some of the most powerful items, subject to the next point about bad luck.

* There is no failure chance on crafting. However, item recipes have a range of attributes (for example, -10 to 10 HP). When a player crafts an item, a random roll is done to determine the quality – an item could end up as -10 HP, or +0 HP or +10 HP, or anything in between. Therefore, multiple crafts may be required if a player truly wishes to “max out” or “min-max” the stats and get lucky – if you can afford the ingredients.

* The Imbuing profession can improve these rolls.

* Each profession starts with a limited number of basic recipes, and more will unlock as the player levels up. Recipes can be bought or trained in the world.

* All NPC craft services in shops have been converted to purchasable recipes.

Release 1.11c 10 May 2020


* Improved cooldown display on spells. Spells that are off cooldown will show in green, spells on cooldown will show in red. This provides a quick overview of what you can cast at-a-glance. The first spell in each player’s spellbook has been put on cooldown in red to demonstrate the feature. This will be removed at the start of the next session.

* XP now has a small progress bar adjacent, showing a player’s progress to the next Level. The bar will fill automatically as your XP approaches the next Level and will empty to zero upon leveling up.


* Vindicator Weapons now split into a Weapon and Shield, rather than a single item, in line with Priests and Wizards. Vindicators are still required to use a Shield at all times, but Shields and one-handed Weapons can now be chosen seperately, rather than as a linked item. Shields (Vindicator), Sacred Bulwarks (Priest) or Spell Breakers (Wizard) will occupy the Accessory 1 slot.

* Burninator’s Mace and Shield split into Burninator’s Mace and Burninator’s Shield.

* Garrius: Burninator’s Shield equipped into Accessory 1 slot. Auran’s Vitality Ring unequipped and returned to Inventory. Maximum HP reduced by 18.


* New store: Rock Candy.


* Iron Alloy Shortsword & Shield (Common Vindicator Weapon) split into Iron Alloy Shortsword, and Iron Alloy Shield. Prices reduced correspondingly.

* New quests: Bash the Basher, Egg Hunt II, Catharsis.

* New other location: Temple of Krater.

Release 1.11b 19 April 2020

* Reputation page and Quest log available in new Company of Five menu option
* Calendar moved to Library
* Black Harry’s Tales: Chapter One added to Library
* Titles added: Apprentice Mage, Lorekeeper

* Level 3 Cantrip changed to Safety Rope

* Vindicator’s Aegis cooldown reduced from 24h to 8 Turns

* Level 3 Cantrip changed to Mage Hand


* New shops available: Inn of the Tireless Hunter, Iraud’s Sorcerous Oddities, Gailhan’s Armaments, The Meat Lodge

Release 1.11a 16 April 2020

* All talents 6-10 now available in Class Guides
* Lorekeeper’s Notebook now pinned to Discord channel and shared to all Office users

* Holy Curse damage increased from 2d12 to 3d12

* Grip now pulls a target to the Vindicator

* Pulsar Saving Throw DC increased from 6 to 8
* Arcane Impetus cooldown reduced from 24 hours to 8 Turns

Release 1.11 10 April 2019

* CR, XP & DC information page added to Play Guide
* New quest hub: Dagger Point
* New shop: Dagger Point, Lumoth Stronglance, Blacksmith
* New faction page: Rampant Lions guild

Release 1.10 05 April 2020


* Sidebar removed, page expanded to full width for readability
* Play Guide now available featuring information on Stats and Skills
* Class Guides now display recommendations for Stats and Items as well as Talents


* Each level now grants 10 Stat Points
* Gold gain removed
* Constitution no longer boosts death saving throws
* Wis no longer boosts AP
* Dex no longer boosts AC
* Dex no longer increases MP
* Str no longer increases bag slots
* Friendly spells no longer require Hit rolls
* Primary Stats reworked and rebalanced – see Play Guide
* Added a large number of Secondary Stats and Passive Benefits – see Play Guide


* REDESIGNED STAT SHEETS NOW LIVE! Artwork provided by the one and only, Sam
* Character sheet UI is now color coded to match the character class
* Titles now available to select under character name
* Most areas of sheets are now locked against accidental deletion/editing
* Areas editable by players: HP, Mana, BP, Title, Death Saves, Currency, Backpack
* Areas editable by DM: Equipped items, Stat distribution, Talent selection

* Vindicators may now use one-handed swords or axes in addition to maces. A Shield must be equipped. All effects that refer to maces also include one-handed axes or swords.

* Wizards and Priests may now use one-handed Wands or Holy Relics in addition to a Spell Breaker or Sacred Bulwark, respectively. These are types of Shields that benefit from the new stat Block as well as offering additional stats.

* All non-combat talents have been removed from all classes and replaced with Cantrips. Cantrips cost no Mana and may be used at any time. Cantrips unlock progressively with character Level.




* Level 2: Craft Elixir replaced with Time Bomb
* Level 3: Amplify Potion replaced with Flask Wall
* Level 4: Alchemical Allocation replaced with Serve Rum


* Favor may now only be cast while in Combat
* Level 1: Blade Ward reduced from 25% to 10%
* Level 2: Shield increased from 1d6 to 1d8
* Level 3: Serenity reduced from 25% to 10%


* Level 1: Identify Liquid replaced with Great Fortune
* Coin Toss: mana cost reduced from 8 to 4
* Level 2: Breach Armor no longer benefits from Tactical Insight
* Level 2: Identify Device replaced with Paralyzing Shovel
* Distant Shooting reduced from double range to +2 Range
* Level 4: Shrewd Commerce replaced with Shovel Splitting
* Level 5: Time Bomb replaced with Coin Spray
* Level 5: Skeleton Key replaced with Strike First


* Lesser Restoration cooldown increased from 2 to 3
* Spiritual Weapon now has a self-healing component
* Rampart is now Passive
* Level 2: Spiked Armor moved to level 5 and reworked
* Level 2: Spiked Armor replaced with Shieldwall
* Pavise is now Passive
* Thunderous Smite no longer works against Huge, Gargantuan or Colossal creatures
* Level 3: Grip moved to level 5 and reworked
* Level 3: Grip replaced with Drag
* Vital Strike health sacrifice increased from 8 to 18
* Level 5: Parry and Riposte replaced with Spiked Armor
* Level 5: Righteous Fury replaced with Grip


* Level 1: Tenser’s Floating Disc replaced with Spell Turning
* Level 2: Arcane Lore replaced with Silence
* Siphon Life no longer benefits from Tactical Insight
* Elemental Overload Mana cost increased from 2x to 3x
* Elemental Overload no longer benefits from Tactical Insight
* Chain Lightning jumps now remove one damage die
* Level 5: Cloaked Ally replaced with Arcane Impetus

Release 1.03 09 February 2020
* Questlog/Guilds Excel spreadsheet removed, to be replaced by…
* BERTRAM! Everyone’s favourite creepy old wizard is back in bot format. Get started with “bertram help”.
* All commands added to Bot Commands under Useful Info. More to come!
* Added a Loot Explorer. See Items in the Main Menu – you’ll eventually be able to explore all droppable loot, guild quartermaster vendors and other items here. Does not currently include town shops, still working that out.
* Next session schedule, in-game location and date updated.

Release 1.02 29 December 2019
* Level 4 talents released.
* Cooldown description of spells that have no cooldown changed from N/A to 0 on Class pages and Talent pages.
* Talent pages now have an additional column Roll to Hit, for greater consistency as to whether a spell requires a Hit roll or takes effect immediately.

Release 1.01b 01 December 2019
* Equippable items are now color-coded for quality: Grey (Trash), Black (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), Orange (Legendary), Red (Mythic).
*In-game location updated.
* “Wayfalls General Goods” shop added to Wayfalls with a large selection of general items.
* Trialling new combat party interface for feedback.

Release 1.01 24 November 2019
* Archived a massive amount of information from the last campaign: City Status/Fortsworn, outdated rules pages, old quests, artifact information.
* Calendar updated to current date and year, added to main menu.
* Sidebar now shows a summary of our upcoming games and any amendments. Also shows the current location of your party and the in-game date and time.
* All city maps besides Wayfalls temporarily archived while I update their shops to match the new stats and battle system.
* Wayfalls and World Map added to places. Shops and locations now available for Wayfalls.
* Many people added to the A-Z of NPCs but mostly from the last campaign. Still a work in progress and hundreds more to go, but will eventually be a full reference!
* Website’s main menu is now more useful – quick links added to Classes/Talents, and Social/Guild spreadsheet.
* Things I’m working on for the near future: a page storing brief session summaries of every game, and reputation “progress” bars for the Guilds and major Factions so you can see what you need to do to rank up.