Previous Updates

Thursday 22nd June

  • Session Summary added for 18th June.
  • Statistics, date and XP updated.
  • New quest entries for 3 quests.
  • The Twelve Truths added to library.
  • Death rules added to top menu. Please read and ask if any questions.
  • Berton Vere and Blackhallow Fortress added to world map after conversations with Talmond the Shield and Sasha Nevah, respectively. You may assume these locations are marked on your regional map in-game.
  • Hallan, Sasha, Dinku, and Peter added to People.
  • Added a little teaser of what the next level will award, so you have something to look forward to.

Friday 16th June

  • Date, Statistics & Quests updated.
  • Added Navaren Brey’s “art” to gallery.
  • Six achievements awarded.
  • Adari Sevel has written a new journal entry.

Wednesday 7th June

Friday 2nd June


Sunday 21st May